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Bathory – Ring of Gold

A beautiful folk song about adventure, fantasy and a reference to Lord of the Rings?

Country of Origin: Sweden

Genre: (Early) Black Metal, (Later) Pioneers of Viking Metal

If you want to learn more about Bathory, you can read my page about them here.

Songsterr – Metal Gaia’s Favorite Guitar Tab Site on the Internet


Wanna learn to shred like this guy?


Sonsterr is an online Tab Player, so you can listen and learn simultaneously.

Has an App for the iPhone.

Contains 80,000 tabs for playback, and 400,000 tabs for viewing.

The Quest For Truth

The truth is like a mountain top.

It is hard to get to and there are multiple points of view

Yet when you see the whole of nature, you are standing on the summit of truth.

Happy Holi! Festival of Colors and Spring


Happy Holi! Today is a celebration of Spring for Hindus. It takes place on the day after the full moon in the Hindu month of Phalguna (Early March). In order to celebrate the colorful nature of springtime, many Hindus throw colored powder at each other in this fun filled festival.


Where is it celebrated? Primarily India and Nepal. However it is also celebrated by minority Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan, as well as Hindus in other parts of the world.


What is the story? The word “Holi” comes from a female demon who burned to death in order to save her Nephew Prahlad. Prahlad’s father Hiranyakashipu was an evil king who forbade his son from worshipping Vishnu, but he did it anyways. Getting angry with his son, Hiranyakashipu challenged him to sit on a pyre of fire on the lap of his aunt Holika (who was believed to be immune to fire).

However, when they went into the fire, Holika burned to death and her nephew stayed alive. Afterward, Holi became a festival to celebrate Holika’s sacrifice. There are other variants on the story which you can read here if you are curious.


How is it celebrated? Holi is usually celebrated for 2 days (longer in some places). It is a loosening of social restrictions between castes, men and women, status and age. A common phrase during this holiday is “bura na mano, Holi hai,” or “Don’t be offended, it’s Holi.”

A public bonfire is held on the first evening of Holi to commemorate the burning of Holika. The fire is lit around 10 pm and midnight at the rising of the full moon.

The main ritual is the throwing of colored powders and water at friends and family, which is why it is called a “Festival of Colors.”

Soni Soni – Full Holi Song in HD – Mohabbatein (Holi Scene From Indian Movie)

The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids


The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

A global order dedicated to teaching the ways of Druidry as a spirituality.

The order was started 50 years ago and now thousands across the world have joined.

Druidry itself is a spirituality that seeks a deep connection with nature as a source of wisdom.

Druidry welcomes all: males and females, you also don’t have to be a Celt to join.

Check it out.

voice of my ancestors


Idunn is the nordic goddess most associated with youth, the fertility of all things that grow and maintaining what is beautiful in life. A symbol which comes to mind upon contemplation of this fresh energy is the apple, as she is the keeper of golden apples which hold the gods young and healthy. She is also the wife of Bragi, who is the god of poetry. The two sew the seeds of lively enjoyment of life, and the refreshment of the senses.

During the spring and summer when the sun is seen and felt more often, we are warmed by the rays of forgiving and generous light that causes the plants to grow, which in turn nourish us with their bounty. The sun directly provides us with vitamin D, a hormone which helps metabolism and affects the mood positively. The more sun we get, the happier we are.

Idunn’s energy…

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Myrath – Tales of the Sands

Myrath means “legacy” in Arabic 

Genre: Progressive Metal with a Middle Eastern Folk Influence

Location: Tunisia

Interesting Fact: Myrath was the first band from Tunisia to be signed on a label (according to Metal-Archives). They’ve also toured with Orphaned Land.

Myrath Facebook

Myrath Official Site