Doom Metal

Bongripper – Reefer Sutherland (Stoner Rock)

Genre: Stoner Rock/Doom/Sludge

Country of Origin:  United States. Chicago, Illinois

For a band named “Bongripper,” they’re exactly what you would expect.

Get out your bong and enjoy.

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Novembers Doom – Empathy’s Greed [DOOM METAL]

Genre: Death/Doom

Location: United States

Lyrical Themes: Dark emotions, Doom, Symbolism

As Autumn approaches, days grow short, darkness, death and melancholy fill the natural world. Oh — and there’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes of course. (Yeah, I’m basic).

To celebrate the approach of my favorite time of year, it’s time to crank out the doom metal tunes.

Just discovered this group today. They’re defined as “doom” on Encyclopedia Metallum. But in my opinion, I’d label them as a synthesis between doom and post-metal (the likes of Pelican). I tend to think of doom as slow and droning, like a morbidly obese man who ate too much peanut butter is slowly exploding as the universe pulls apart.

This song, however, while keeping the ominous feel of doom metal, has a faster tempo and more dynamically involved instrumentals, that make them a satisfying fusion between death and post-metal.

So for those who normally can’t stand doom, check out this song. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Mesmur’s “S” – Funeral Doom Metal Sound of the Universe’s Demise


Funeral Doom Metal

Location: USA

Themes: Entropy, Space, The Cosmos, Destruction, Chaos

“A singularity is the point in a black hole where density becomes infinite, space-time bends, and the laws of physics as we know them cease to operate.

This is the perfect way to describe Mesmur’s newest album “S,” an infinitely dense soundscape that bends space and time around the listener. A meandering funeral dirge through the chaotic void that is the universe. A universe that was doomed from the start.”

This is a review I did for Dark Art Conspiracy. Check out the rest of my review HERE

What I didn’t get to mention in my review is that entropy has four phases. I think that this album has four songs to reflect the four phases of entropy. Entropy is represented by “S” and is the measurement of disorder in a system. The idea of having an album focused on creating the sound of entropy is fucking brilliant in my humble opinion.


The Release of a New TV Channel Dedicated Entirely to Metal (BangerTV)

I stopped watching TV on the regular about ten years ago. Yet one of my major disappointments (in the occasions that I do watch the boob tube) is that there was no longer a music channel, just MTV (the reality TV channel) and VH1 (the reality TV channel that sometimes had music). So you can’t imagine my excitement when Sam Dunn – the director of several heavy metal documentaries – announced that there is going to be a whole freakin’ channel dedicated to metal. This means more metal documentaries, more metal videos, and the exploration of the millions of sub-genres of metal (including the ones that you never knew existed – or the ones that don’t exist yet). Like how about Pirate Jazz Metal? Does that exist? Maybe I can just create it out of thin air. And what about the prospect of metal commercials? Commercials for things like soap that ooze goat’s blood on you in the shower? (Okay, maybe that idea needs to be work-shopped a bit)

So anyways…something definitely to look forward to. Thank you very much Sam Dunn!


Banger TV

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Doom Metal, Moby Dick and Man’s Tireless Quest to Conquer Indomitable Nature


Band Location: Germany

Genre: Funeral, Doom Metal

Themes: Moby Dick, The Ocean, Fate, Futility, Anguish, Eternity

Look out for their new album in the Fall of 2015!




Most of us are familiar with Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick,” the tale about Captain Ahab’s single minded obsession with catching the white whale, ‘Moby Dick’. Yet the white whale is an indomitable force of nature that cannot be tamed, and all who try die in the process. At its most fundamental level, Moby Dick is a man versus nature story. It is the crew of the Pequod against endless,black waters and the ferocious creatures of these depths.

So this is more than just a chapter book about the homoerotic adventures of cannibals aboard the Pequod – although that part is interesting too.

In most fiction, nature is often depicted as a Disney tale fantasy, a place of happy, fluffy bunnies and birds that sing to princesses as they fold their clothes. Yes, nature is beautiful – but she is a cruel beauty. She is beauty and the beast incarnate. Nature is a ferocious system with harsh laws. She is the wolf ripping out the throat of her prey, she is the wasp that lays her young inside the paralyzed carcass of a caterpillar, she is the parasite sucking the blood of her host. Yet most importantly, nature is an eternal life force that is billions of years old. She is a system with strict laws of life and death that cannot be rewritten, altered or changed. So “Moby Dick” is an important work of fiction in that it captures nature in all her eternal and horrific glory.

Man’s tireless quest (from the days of Gilgamesh to now) to tame nature is a very futile effort indeed. Yes, humans have succeeded in cutting down nature’s forests, polluting her skies and streams, enslaving her children and fracking deep beneath her soil. But this is only a temporary set back for nature, while it is a deadly crisis for humanity. For nature has survived mass extinctions that wiped out 90% of the life on the planet. So will nature survive the plight of humanity? Yes she will. Yet the kicker is that we human beings, cannot survive without food, water, clean air or soil. Much like the mad captain Ahab and his crew, will the sinking ship of human civilization end up tangled up in our own harpoon lines and pulled into a deadly whirlpool caused by our own ship? It is very possible if we do not change our course.


“Wreck of a Transport Ship” Joseph Mallord William Turner


“The Giant” is Doom Metal band Ahab’s latest album, which came out in 2012. The first time I checked it out, it was love at first listen. I even like it better than their previous albums (although popular opinion seems to be against me on that one).

The phrase that I think of as I listen to this album is “beautiful melancholy.” A sort of depression that is endless, but has a depth to it that makes you ponder and question the mysteries of life.

“The Giant” seems more prog rock to me than past works, which are more doomy. Yet the combination of prog rock clean vocal harmonies and melodies alongside growls, and slow heavy guitar chords creates a sort of melodic grief that I find to be very enchanting. The album takes me into a sort of dreamland wonder where I find myself envisioning the crashing waves of the ocean beneath a morning fog. Much like the book, this album contains powerful musical themes about the dark futility of nature, and the vast – endless abyss that is the ocean.


Silver blood pours from wounded skies
Drowning our anxiety
Black man, white beast in dismay cries
Phantasmagoric me
Vaporise in sheer reality

In blackness, in intensity,
in obscurity and glare,
in gloominess, in brilliancy
in somberness and gleam,
in murkiness and luminance,
in ashes soil the snow

I hear thee chant my name
Faint voice distant and dim
I prithee, please enfold me





Ahab – Old Thunder

Ahab: Crazed sea captain in the American Novel Moby Dick. Fond of touching phallic objects, hunting sperm whales and candle lit dinners with homo erotic cannibals. 

Band Location: Munich, Bavaria

Genre: Funeral Doom Metal

In one of those dark, morose moods? You know? The kind of mood where you’re angry that a giant sperm whale took your leg and you’re too incompetent to get revenge on the beast? Maybe this song is what you need. It’s got the onerous, trudging pace of a death march and the eerie melancholy to match. As I listen to this song I can just imagine old Ahab yelling at his crew, and like any good captain, dutifully getting most of them killed in a selfish bid for revenge. Most of the songs by the band Ahab actually are about the novel Moby Dick.