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Art is  a gateway to that other realm

The shadow world where the Fey spirit us away

The artist is a shaman

Bringing inspiration and light into a mundane realm of grey

Feel like you don’t belong?

Many of the greatest artists have retreated to drink, drugs and even suicide

This is a great burden to bare

But do not despair

Yours is a gift from the Gods

Yours is a destiny greater than yourself

You are part of something infinite and complex

Let go of selfish desire and let the universe be your guide

Lessons From Lord of The Rings

Celtic Myth Podcast Show


The oldest story telling tradition is the oral tradition.

Much Celtic lore in the ancient days was recited via word of mouth.

Rather than being written down.

Therefore, this podcast is a great way to hear the Ancient Celtic Tales retold.

In the way they were once told before.

With the vibrant voice of a story teller.

Take a seat by the fire and enjoy.

Americans Are Eating Less Meat

Meat consumption has dropped by 12 % since 2007.

Americans have started eating less meat for reasons of:

health, the environment, animal welfare, cost and water scarcity. 

I am not personally against eating meat, but the way in which animals are farmed and slaughtered is a hell on earth.

I am happy that more and more Americans are taking the steps to stop contributing to this cruel and disgusting process.

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Xingu Rising

Protect indigenous rights.

Protect the Rain Forest

Protect justice.

5 Weird Consequences of Climate Change

We are already aware that Global Warming, more storms, mass animal extinctions and the like are a consequence of climate change. But what about the bizarre things that no one thinks about? Check em out in this article below.

5 Weird Consequences of Climate Change

Original Meaning of the Word “Pagan”