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Tolkien’s Heathen Feminist


The Norse Mythology Blog just published a wonderful article connecting Tolkein’s Éowyn from Lord of the Rings to the traditional Shield Maidens in Germanic tribes. When Aragorn tells Éowyn she is not permitted to fight with the men, she has quite a bit to tell him about her own lineage from a house of warriors and “duty.”




Ancient Celtic Women

Ancient Norse Women

Onna-Bugeisha (Female Japanese Warriors)

Modern Day Amazons in Ukraine

Warrior Queen Boudica Documentary

Women Warriors in Folklore

A Tree Without Roots



”A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey

The Real Old School Religion


As a Pagan people often say my religion is something new:

Jesus Christ is a young “whipper snapper” compared to the Gods and Goddesses I worship.

This Jesus boy of which you speak is 2,000 years old.

The Gods I worship stretch back tens of thousands of years.

Some might say to the beginning of civilization itself.

They embody principals of the natural world: Strength, Courage and Survival.

The natural world – which is billions of years old.

That’s about as traditional as it gets.

Nature's Imperium


Polaroid PDC 4350

Rome, in its day, was a highly successful and advanced empire that lasted for almost 1,000 years. Part of the success of the Roman Empire is that they were largely tolerant of the different beliefs, Gods and systems of those they conquered (not to say that slavery, war, rape, oppression and torture didn’t happen), but that the Roman Empire survived because they didn’t completely annihilate the cultures, beliefs and diversity of their subjects (with Carthage as the exception to the rule of course).

For example, even though the Romans were a polytheistic culture, when they conquered the Hebrews, they allowed the Hebrews to run their own courts and set up their own laws – as long as the Romans were paid a tribute at the end of the day.

The Romans also appropriated the Gods of the people they conquered. Epona is a Gallic Horse…

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Two Steps From Hell – Best of Epic Music III (Spartan Edition)

(From Best Of Epic Music Mixes, From Judge of King’s You Tube Channel)

“Two Steps From Hell” is a music production company that writes dynamic orchestral pieces – many of which have been in movie scores. When I listen to their music I feel like a samurai will arise from my breakfast cereal, ascend into the heavens and wage divine battle with the cosmos. This is the kind of music that can inspire one to do anything. Here are some other songs I recommend.




Baroness Relief Effort


August 2012, members of the band suffered from injuries due to a tour bus accident. Close friends of the band put together an auction to raise money to help them financially and hopefully get them on their feet and playing again. You can check out the items for auction on the facebook:

Baroness Relief Facebook Group 

Bands Selling Items 

Decibel Magazine, Earthless, Jeremy Hush (artist), Kylesa, Meshuggah, Municipal Waste, Mastodon, Napalm Death, Neurosis, Red Fang, Tankcrimes Records, Slam Magazine and Victims.

A Statement From the Official Relief Effort Facebook:

“Just to be clear. All proceeds from this auction will be given directly to the band and crew affected in as transparent way as possible. No one involved with organizing this will or wants to make any money from this event. Relapse is graciously helping out with the shipping of items and some of us are digging into our own wallets to facilitate the web presence, eBay and Paypal fees that this will incur as to make sure every cent raised from the auctions reaches the people who need it most.

Thanks for the support again, please check this page often for updates as we know not all of our posts reach everyone. And if you can continue sharing to Baroness fans – that would be amazing.”

Puuut Our Bones back together!

Bad joke! Sorry! Help these guys if you can though and get some cool stuff in the process.

Traditional Viking Ballad Live From Norway

I couldn’t find much information about this musician or the song itself. Only a You Tube video followed by a stream of bizarre comments. If any informed viewers have any more knowledge about the song though – or the musician – I would be very interested.

Man may be mortal, but a good song can last through the centuries. It’s good to hear these viking ballads are alive and well, being sung the same online as they were many a century ago on a cold winter night amid Norse folk keeping warm with good mead and company.

EDIT: According to a helpful commenter below, the first song here relates to the great Heathen Invasion of 1066 and the battle at Stanford Bridge.

The band is called Harold Foss and the following is their home page: