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Summer Solstice Poem


Let us rejoice for the day of light

A veil of green utop the bride

A crown of gold upon the groom

The world blooming, fresh and new

And now we dance like flames in the fire

We leap and jump higher and higher

As we bound over the hand of grasping heat

The crops grow tall, our summer feat.

“Na Moey Zemle” A Folk Metal Journey Across Pagan Lands

Arkona’s Na Moey Zemle translates into “My Land”

In this song, a man leaves his home in Russia in search of happiness. He travels through Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, and the Netherlands in that order. Yet in his journey he learns that true happiness is back at home where he belongs.

A surprising number of guest vocalists have contributed to this Arkona ballad. We have the vocalists from Heidevolk, Menhir, Månegarm, Obtest, and Skyforger participating in this song.

Hrmm… so we have six vocalists and six countries. Does each vocalist in this song represent their home country?

In examining this idea, I matched voices to lyric and for the most part it is true. There are some instances, where other members of a band – in addition to the vocalist – are singing. Like I think the bassist of Skyforger might be singing the part for Latvia. So this makes matters slightly complicated. But for the most part, I’m sure each of these bands is representing their home country. 

Masha Scream of Arkona is obviously the Russian traveler. In order, we have Månegarm (Sweden), Obtest (Lithuania), Skyforger (Latvia), Menhir (Germany) and Heidevolk (Netherlands). 

At the end there is a chorus where different vocalists all sing “lai la la lai” together. They all come from different lands, but they are all happiest in their mother lands. 

Notes on the lyrics:
* Nerthus: Germanic Earth-goddess
* Svitjod: An Old Norse name for Sweden or its people
* Sunna: Germanic Sun-goddess
* Veles: a major Slavic god
* The One-Eyed: Odin, the chief Norse god
* Žemyna: Lithuanian earth-goddess
* Velinas: Lithuanian creator-god, represented as a blacksmith
* Ąžuoliniai mounds: earth mounds in the village of Ąžuoliniai
* Thuringia: a German state, renowned for its natural beauty.



Examining the Lyrics: 

(Russian Traveler,Vocals Masha Scream of Arkona)

Oh, Once at dawn the scarlet sun was rising. The sun was scarlet, that early morning

The maid was seeing her fellow off, To far, far away. Far, far away distant lands.

Seeing him off, giving her tender word. A tender word, and a word of protection.

“Oh darling, oh I will, I will wait for you I will wait for you, And meet you at the crimson sunset.”

The maid’s fingers trembled, And caught the tears And caught the tears Flowing from bright eyes.

With gentle hand she removed her amulet Removed her amulet and prayed for good fortune.

“I pray, I enchant this And give it to my beloved for the journey in that distant place, Protect my beloved from death.”

And that fine fellow departed to foreign lands to seek happiness for the years, hey!

Trail after trail, toward the sun. Through cold and heat, in light and dark.

Into gray mist, Into Fading light, Again turning to the Gods.

Bare feet worn bloody. You follow an unknown road.

And hearing the sea’s call. You fell into the embraces of Northerly winds.

You went after happiness! Again you ask this land about it.


(Sweden, Månegarm Vocalist)

Hear Nerthus* breathe heavily

Svitjod’s* primordial soul

The North Star’s bleak light

The wolf in the night wind

The dawn over the Northern Land

Raven’s wing in Sunna’s Sea

Here my forefathers stand guard

By the one-eyed’s side*

Here I sacrifice to my Gods

the soil of my roots


(Russian Traveler,Vocals Masha Scream of Arkona)

This house is beautiful

But foreign and cold

I hear the voice of winds of other countries

Reveal the roads thither, O Veles*!

The voice of a new land

Your foot treads upon it

Again, you turned from the road

Far off a foreign river I lured you.

People! Pray tell,

For what is your joyous land reknowned?

The Gods, who are they?

What do these lands hide?


(Lithuania,Vocals could be Obtest, I’m not entirely sure since they sound slightly different.)

Boundless woods raised us

Like horses of the wind, in freedom

Black bread like the soil,

Thick foamy mead…

Žemyna’s* falcon

Protects our children in the sun

One-eyed Velinas*

Teaches us of steel, awakening us…

The Ąžuoliniai Mounds*

Look into the distance

As Far as the eye can see-

The land of our forefathers.


(Russian Traveler,Vocals Masha Scream of Arkona)

Gazing on the beauty of golden fields

I will bend the knee

I will offer tribute to this land

Again, I will leave without a trace.

In the sunset’s brilliance again

A new land’s expanse will blaze

For what is your joyous land reknowned,

Dear to a foreigner’s eyes?


(Latvia, Maybe Skyforger…but the vocals don’t sound like their typical vocalist. I do know that they also have their bassist singing…so that might be him.)

I have no problems living

on the edge of the great sea

Just as the sea washes in

So it washes out silver

I put on a coat of water

A pelt of pebbles

Now I go to the sea

To play with the northern wind


(Russian Traveler,Vocals Masha Scream of Arkona)

And again I run off

From a land foreign to my heart

Though the expanses are great

They are not mine

I run far off

Away from the blue seas

Again I ask the people my question


(Germany, Menhir Vocalist)

Thuringia*, how beautiful you are,

Like a young maiden.

Your limbs are the valley and hill,

And the pretty meadows your dress.

The fresh forest is your breath,

Your speech, birdsong.

The pond, that is your bright eye,

Your greeting is bell-ringing.

The forest, it is your green coat,

Your glossy hair, golden grain.

In colorful bouquets here bloom

Many flowers delicate and rich.

The pretty meadows are your dress.

Your limbs valley and hill.

You are like a young maiden.

Thuringian* land, so beautiful,

So beautiful!


(Russian Traveler,Vocals Masha Scream of Arkona)

Trail after trail

Toward the sun

Through cold and heat

In light and dark

I run off…

I run off to foreign lands

Bare feet chafing

In my heart keeping hope

I think of my land

Expecting a wonder, again I run

To the seashore

To the new land I’ll pay respect

For what is this land reknowned?


(Netherlands, Heidevolk Vocalist)

You followed the sun, guided by your gods

Westwards you have traveled

To the boundaries of the land

Where the sea swallows the ground

To the land of the dragon’s cry,

The place fused with my soul,

Your path as led you

Welcome to my fatherland

Warm yourself by the fire, my guest

And refresh yourself with our beer

Far away too we have traveled

But our happiness is here

Where my brothers are around the fire

Drink in this night hour

Where stories and laughter

Sound until the break of day

Our joy we can find 

In the woods, in the field of the heath 

Our joys we can find 

On the shores of the Rhine 


(Russian Traveler,Vocals Masha Scream of Arkona)

Oh, how the scarlet heart yearned

Oh, for its native country

Oh at dawn, hurry 

To your Mother, dear heart

And there you sight Rus’ 

With a song in your heart

Through a maelstrom of emotion

Here they are – your native lands. 

In chains of Oblivion

Of the oncoming force of happiness

You cry: “Here is my land!”

You cry: “Here is my land!”

Ethics and Values in Druidry




1. Every action has a consequence that must be observed and you must be prepared to compensate for your actions if required.

2. All life is sacred and all are responsible for seeing that this standard is upheld.

3. You do still live in society and are bound by its rules.

4. Work with high standards.

5. Make an honest living.

6. Be a good host as well as a good guest.

7. Take care of yourself. (Health was held in high esteem amongst the Celts, so much that a person could be fined for being grossly overweight due to lack of care.)

8. Serve your community.

9. Maintain a healthy balance of the spiritual and mundane.
(Nihtscad writes: ‘Ethical and self respecting Druids did nothing without being properly schooled or aware of the consequences ahead of time. They knew when it was appropriate to visit the Otherworld and immerse themselves in the spiritual as well as when it was appropriate to be fully in this world.’)

10. Uphold the Truth, starting with yourself.

11. Be sure in your convictions, particularly when judging or accusing someone, but also when debating. Ask yourself: are you really sure? Do you really know that this the case?

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What Does Druidry Mean to Me?



To me, druidry is a spirituality that links the practitioner to the deepest archetypes within. These archetypes aren’t an individual gift. They are part of a wellspring, connected to the ocean of mankind. Within us flows the same current – the same tides – of all humanity. This is why most cultures have the same folk tales and epics. We are all part of an ebbing and flowing Jungian wisdom. Many of us don’t understand this existence and remain mired in our own feelings and depressions. Yet the druid is the boatman, the surfer, he(or she) who can navigate that vast and complex ocean of the spirit.
This ocean itself is connected to nature. We all are seeds that spring up from the wealth and beauty of nature. As a learning druid, I want to further connect myself to the spirit of the world.
Druidry isn’t necessarily a religion. It’s a divine spiritual connection. It is a way of life.

Northern Runes Radio



Northern Runes Radio is a podcast and blog about the Ancient Norse Ways.

Here you will find a discussion of religion, magical practice and philosophy.

There are tales about Norse Gods such as Thor and Loki.

There is also a discussion about how myth and saga is a representation of the inner soul.

Orphaned Land – Building Bridges Between Muslims and Jews

Israeli Folk Metal Band’s New Ballad: “Brother”

Orphaned Band is a very popular Folk Metal band (with elements of death metal in their earlier work) in both the Middle East and abroad. They are an Israeli based band that focuses on using their music to mend bridges between the Jewish and Muslim community. They have even performed shows with a famous Belly Dancer from Lebanon (I have discussed this in a previous Metal Gaia Post).

Music has a deep spiritual power to do what Politics cannot, it has the magic to bring adverse people together by sending a message to the heart.

This particular Ballad “Brother” is especially touching for those familiar with the root of the Jewish/Muslim conflict.

Societies rely on social narratives and the mythos of their peoples to guide their actions, much like how the Greeks would cite the Odyssey for wisdom in battles that happened hundreds of years after the story began.

In the particular case of Muslims and Jews in the Middle East, the story of Abraham’s sons in both the Bible and the Koran has become a metaphor for the geopolitical conflict that would unleash for hundreds of years. For those unfamiliar with the tale, I will give a brief explanation.

Abraham was a man who wanted a son. He ended up begetting a son named Ishmael to his wife’s handmaiden, Hagar. He then later had another son with his actual wife, Sarah. This son’s name was Issac. Ishmael would become the metaphorical father of the Muslim people and Issac the father of the Jewish people. Sarah ended up becoming jealous of her handmaiden in this story and had her cast out into the desert along with Ishmael. Thus beginning the separation between two brothers and two similar but divided religions.

While some use this story as an incitement for war, the band Orphaned Land uses this tale to stress a brotherly connection between the two religious groups and the need for reconciliation.


(A plea of Itzhak to Ishmael)
This story began before I was born
A childless woman cried sadly at home
Her maid gave birth to a child of her own
My father felt joy yet he was torn
A conflict began one day at dawn
The maid took your hand and you were gone
To the desert you left, towards the unknown
I reckon you were so alone
God will hear you oh, my blood
For the years you roamed in dirt and mud
Forsaken like a nomad, deserted in the flood
Forgive me, brother
You did nothing wrong and took all the shame
I suffered myself, yet I am to blame
The lord blessed us both, but we still fight and claim
That kid on the mountain, – what was his name?
Brother hear my plea tonight
I grew tired from these endless years of (Our) fight
From a tiny corner stone we may build our realm of light
Please hear me, brother

Du Hast Me Rammstein


You have me – you have me hooked Rammstein, with your wacky videos, your over the top pyrotechnics in which you light your keyboardest on fire, your simulated sodomy on stage, your crazy gimmicks (such as selling a box set of six penis replica dildos for each member of the band) and of course your well written punny songs. I have been a large fan of yours for the last 13 years. After watching a few silly Rammstein videos today, I decided to give a piece of my blog to this bizarre and fascinating act.

Since their formation in 1994, the band has not experienced any changes in line-up, which is pretty remarkable for a band that has been in business for almost 20 years.

Genre: The best way to describe Rammstein as a genre is “Neue Deutsche Härte,” which means “New German Hardness.” They are also Industrial, Hard Rock.

The Name: The band itself was named after the “Ramstein air-show disaster,” but the extra ‘m’ in the name makes it sound like “ramming stone.” A Ramming stone truly is the best way to describe their sound, it is hard, heavy, chock full of blatant sexuality, aggression and apologizes for nothing.


The Du Hast Debate: Most people became familiar with Rammsetin after “Du Hast” was popularized by the Matrix. Thus starting the never ending debate on whether the song meant “you have me” or “you hate me.” “Du Hast” actually means “you have,” but it is a play on words. The German word for hate is “hassen.” So if you pronounce “hast” like “haasst,” it sounds a little like hate. While it is true that they sang “you hate me” in an English version of the song, this was not a direct translation. Rammstein often creates puns like this to cause confusion and humor among those who try to understand their lyrics.

Why Does Rammstein Only Sing in German? Well…that’s not exactly true all the time. Rammstein has written some lyrics in English, Spanish, Russian and French. Yet a majority of their music is decisively in German. This is big for a world famous band with 7.2 million fans on facebook. Most bands that become global start singing all their songs in English to be more universal and sell more albums. Yet Rammstein has enjoyed tremendous success despite their refusal to abandon their mother tongue.

The Bassist, Oliver Riedel states “German language suits heavy metal music. French might be the language of love, but German is the language of anger.”

Download 2013 FestivalRammstein will also be headlining in the Download 2013 Festival this weekend. Don’t miss it! Download is a three day festival in England that really makes me wish I was European. This festival includes a diverse array of musical giants, including Iron Maiden, Satyricon, Devin Townsend and more.

Shows: Rammstein has all kinds of zany antics in their shows. Key among these are their pyrotechnics and blatant simulations of sexual acts and BDSM on stage.

Bück Dich (Uncensored)

In Bück Dich, Till Lindeman (vocalist) simulates sodomy with Christian “Flake” Lorenz (keyboardest), then proceeds to ejaculate on the audience. Of course Till is actually using a dildo and the “seamen” is just water mixed with Ouzo. This act even got the two arrested at a concert in Massachusetts, where they were each fined $200 and spent the night in jail.

Videos: Rammstein also delivers several injections of insanity and bizarre humor in their videos.

Sonne (Sun): Snow White is a dominatrix of sorts who spanks the seven dwarfs and overdoses on sparkly gold cocaine.


Rosenrot (Rose Red): Some advice. If you happen to be a priest in a Rammstein video, don’t fall in love with a 14 year old girl. She will convince you to kill her parents and then have you burned at the stake. “Rosenrot” itself contain lyrics from Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s poem “Heidenröslein.” The plot of this video mirrors the songs lyrics, in which a man embarks on a pointless and dangerous quest for his lover’s amusement.


Engel (Angel): This is for the folks out there with foot fetishes. At 2:07 you’ll understand what I mean. However, the singing children in the cage might be a little bit of a turn off. Also, I learned when Rammstein goes to strip clubs, the strippers can magically turn into band members at the end of the video. Pretty cool!


Amerika: This song may seem like an ode to America at first. It contains images of different cultures around the world dancing and celebrating American culture. Buddhist monks eat burgers. An African family eats pizza and watches TV. Yet true to Rammstein’s sense of irony, the song is the farthest thing from a ballad to “America.”

Most of the song is in German, but one of the few English lyrics states “This is not a love song, I don’t sing my mother tongue.” It is clear that the undertones of this song are something darker. Examine the following lyrics:

when there’s dancing I want to lead, even if you’re whirling around alone. Let yourselves be controlled a little. I’ll show you how it really goes. We’re making a nice round dance…I know moves that are really useful and I will protect you from missteps. And whoever doesn’t want to dance at the end, doesn’t know yet that they must. 


Rammstein Official Page

Rammstein Facebook

Rammstein Wiki

A Map of World Mythology


Not sure how accurate this is. For example, I would’ve placed Islamic in the Arabian/Semite category since it emerged in the Arabian continent first. Yet overall, this map is still pretty cool to look at.

Arraigo – Nehuen (Fuego del Alma) – Video Official!

Fuego Del Alma translates into “Soul Fire”

Origin: Argentina

Themes: Argentinian Folk Lore

Genre: Heavy/Folk Metal

Gotta love it when bands sing in their original language. More bands definitely need to do this. I looked up the meaning of the word “Arraigo” itself and found out that it means “hold.” Why would a band name themselves “hold?” My translation may be shoddy, but I have a guess. My theory is that “hold” is related to an effort to hold onto traditional practices and lore. Perhaps the connotation of the word may have a more suggestive meaning that Gringos like myself don’t know about.

I used to work at a restaurant and learned enough Spanish to trade banter with the kitchen staff and ask where they kept hiding the juice. Yet when it comes to the subtleties of lyric and metaphor in music – I’m completely lost. I still hold to my original claim though, that I prefer music in the original tongue. It sounds more passionate and organic. Spanish itself is a beautiful language when sung to music, it has a flow that is romantic, warm and lilting like a gentle stream. English by contrast, with its hard sounds and many consonants, reminds me of glass shards jangling about on a tambourine.

Que amar deje de ser necesitarse”  is a passionate line with internal rhyming. It flows like cigar smoke on a summer breeze. Compare this to the translation, “That love is no longer needed.” This sounds about as dry and detached as a warning on the back of an airline safety pamphlet. You may now understand it, but some of the original magic is gone.

As to the band itself, Arriago does well to balance technical finesse and passion in their song writing. Fuego Del Alma is a fitting name for a song that truly ignites the soul.