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Eluveitie + Finntroll = Inis Mona

Eluveite and Finntroll play an ancient Celtic Melody together.

A Spiritually Positive View of Sexuality


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So many religions instill people with a baggage of guilt and negativity about sex.

But in a natural and pure spiritual environment, one will realize that sex is one of the most divine connections to nature.

A powerful life force to be celebrated with someone you love. Not to be condemned.

Check out this great article, inspired by the Norse Goddess Freya, of love and battle.

One Giant Leap Trailer

Two men quest around the globe to ask questions about the meaning of life.

They go from Africa, to China to the doorstep of a dominatrix.

They ask these questions and get the answer via music.

One giant leap towards the theater for me!

Eluveitie ~ Omnos

Celtic/Melodic Folk Metal based in Switzerland.

DAMN! This band has like 8 people! What do they all do? And only like 3 were in the video.

Were the other 5 holding up the background props?

It’s like the folk Mushroom head. I kid, I kid.

Eluveitie is Gaulish for The Helvetian.

The Helvetian, if you were wondering, is the Female National Personification of Switzerland

Check Out Eluveitie’s Official Page

What is Magick?


The Science and Art of Causing Change in Conformity With Will ~ Aleister Crowley

Your Inner Temple

“My life-changing event was my discovery of personal power and responsibility. It was about finding the sacred within myself, my center, my peaceful core. We each have a sacred space within us, a part of us. This sacred space is a temple, a temple to our inner power, our intuition, and our connection with the divine. Discovery of psychic powers, spells, and meditation are all things that lead us to the temple. They help us find the road within and walk our path to the inner temple.”

Christopher Penczak. The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development

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