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Eluveitie + Finntroll = Inis Mona

Eluveite and Finntroll play an ancient Celtic Melody together.

A Spiritually Positive View of Sexuality


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So many religions instill people with a baggage of guilt and negativity about sex.

But in a natural and pure spiritual environment, one will realize that sex is one of the most divine connections to nature.

A powerful life force to be celebrated with someone you love. Not to be condemned.

Check out this great article, inspired by the Norse Goddess Freya, of love and battle.

One Giant Leap Trailer

Two men quest around the globe to ask questions about the meaning of life.

They go from Africa, to China to the doorstep of a dominatrix.

They ask these questions and get the answer via music.

One giant leap towards the theater for me!

Eluveitie ~ Omnos

Celtic/Melodic Folk Metal based in Switzerland.

DAMN! This band has like 8 people! What do they all do? And only like 3 were in the video.

Were the other 5 holding up the background props?

It’s like the folk Mushroom head. I kid, I kid.

Eluveitie is Gaulish for The Helvetian.

The Helvetian, if you were wondering, is the Female National Personification of Switzerland

Check Out Eluveitie’s Official Page

What is Magick?


The Science and Art of Causing Change in Conformity With Will ~ Aleister Crowley

Your Inner Temple

“My life-changing event was my discovery of personal power and responsibility. It was about finding the sacred within myself, my center, my peaceful core. We each have a sacred space within us, a part of us. This sacred space is a temple, a temple to our inner power, our intuition, and our connection with the divine. Discovery of psychic powers, spells, and meditation are all things that lead us to the temple. They help us find the road within and walk our path to the inner temple.”

Christopher Penczak. The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development

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Release of Watain DVD Opus Diaboli 2012

The only way to create something of true beauty of this world is to look beyond its borders…to search outside of the mundane…to step into the realm of liberated wilderness, untamed fire and that ancient chaos to which every true and potent artist has been mouthpiece.

This is what true Magick and Art is about.

Interview With Lucan Wolf

Thank you for taking the time to answer these interview questions. I am honored that you can make an appearance on my blog. As your facebook states, you are an internationally known artist who plays music of many genres. You have also appeared on television, the radio and magazines. You were even voted man of the year in 2008 by the listeners in the Hampton Roads 7 Cities area of WROX FM Alternative Rock. So let me get things started.

Who are your musical influences?

My musical influences are too many to list. They run from Ancient Folk music, Eastern Tribal, to Classical, to Big Band, Rock, Electronic, and Country music. I believe listening to a wide range of sounds, music is good for the development of ones own music style.

What are the important themes and messages of your music?

I cover a wide range of themes in my music. I’ve done everything from fantasy and horror inspired lyrics and music to reality everyday experiences in country music.

One of the main themes in my music currently is the fight to remain
yourself and to keep your heritage and culture in an ever increasing climate which wants to wipe away individuality, personal identity and European cultural heritage. You will find and hear many new Heathen, Pagan or “neo-Pagan” singers and bands emerging with those same themes today. Getting back to ancient truths and heritage. Protecting them and being proud of their culture and heritage.

On your facebook it says that you are known for your award winning tattoos. What is the significance of the tattoo on your face?

I have many tattoos on my body which all have meaning for me. My face tattoos represent several things.

They represent my heritage which is part Scottish and the warriors, such as The Pictish people. They represent my struggles and pain, past , present, and future. They are a constant reminder of what I have been through, go through and will endure in this world of struggle. They are my war paint which never washes off. They are tattoos such as warriors have worn throughout history in their struggles and representation of their heritage, people and culture. They also represent the animal aspect, the primal force of nature I am connected to and so many have now lost in this materialist, culturally adrift age.

I’m a big fan of your song “Sabbat.” Do you yourself practice magick and if you do, what are your beliefs about magick and ritual?

My beliefs are of Heathen roots. I have studied different beliefs and found the aspects of Heathen/Pagan spirituality and connection with nature hold the truths so many seek. I draw from several belief systems. Practice of these beliefs is basically applying them to everyday life and in what you do from the simplest task to other work. Rituals can be as simple as meditation and reflection somewhere quiet in the woods to doing a ritual or spell work. I have a fondness for basic Nordic and Celtic beliefs as well as traditional folk magic/magick or what some would call country witchcraft.

I’ve never been about some big “show” with rituals or sects, covens and such. I’ve always been fairly solitary and private in my personal spiritual beliefs. I also draw heavily on animal symbolism and energies and what they can teach and how they can help an individual in day to day living and survival. I am a firm believer than no animal should be killed for “sport”.

The only reason to take an animal’s life is if an over population is causing destruction or threat to humans or other animals, sickness of the animals themselves as a result, or you are attacked and you must defend your own life or someone else’s or for food and clothing and no usable part of the animal should go to waste. Under no circumstances should any endangered animal be hunted or killed for any reason other than if you are attacked and have to defend your life.

Those are my honest views. Some may agree or disagree but I believe in truth and not sugar coating my words to make anyone feel better and thus be deceptive.

Of all the things you have written, do you have a favorite song? If you do, what is it and why?

I can’t pick one favorite song because I have several I have written. Certainly “The Pack” a new Heathen folk song which will be release on one of my new albums in 2012 is a favorite. A warrior song that is about the primal savagery of mortal combat to save your people. “Sabbat” is a “witchy” song which is both a personal and observation piece that I think has a great rock groove and hook.That song is also part of another project I am working on at the same time as my others.

Another song which is very basic lyrically but is entertaining is “The Vampire”, an older song I have re-recorded for the album “Sabbat” will be a part of.

The most I can say is 2012 and on into 2013 will both be years when I will release a lot of new material which will cover many styles of music.

I should add there is yet one more new song which is building the foundation for another album titled “Animals” which is a hypnotic, tribal, fusion song that I am very proud of. It’s a departure for me and I really enjoy the primitive feel of it.

Just for fun – I see from your myspace that you like horror movies. In your opinion, what is the best way to pretty much guarantee that you’ll be caught/eaten by the monster in a horror film? What is the biggest mistake that horror movie heroines/heroes tend to make?

You would think that the characters in these horror films (at least in the ones which are taking place in their “reality”), would have seen at least one horror film. In some cases they are actually watching a horror film in the “reality” they are in. They should know better than to do stupid things like hear a noise or go investigating when the lights suddenly go out, or not have a weapon and know how to use it when stranded at night on a lonely road.

There’s a bump in the night. The lights go out. The phone doesn’t work.

What do they do? They go investigate. “Who’s there”? “Is somebody there”? Yes there is. A monster or psycho killer.

Stupidity will get you injured or killed every time.

With that being said, I think John Carpenter’s original “Halloween” is still the superior film to Rob Zombie’s remake because it’s actually creepy. What you don’t see is worse than what you do see. A little blood goes further than a lot of gore.

I wish horror film makers would learn to originate something again and learn the art of suspense rather than just throwing blood and body parts everywhere to compensate for a lack of story telling and skill.

I hope these answers are satisfactory and I thank you and appreciate the opportunity to give them to you.

Thank you!


Lucan Wolf Facebook

Lucan Wolf Mysapce

Trailer for Lamb of God’s As the Palaces Burn Documentary

This documentary details Lamb of God’s 2.5 year tour around the world. Most notable is the mention that heavy metal connects people globally.

In a volatile state rife with poverty and violence, sometimes the only thing that can keep you alive and sane is being authentic to yourself. Heavy Metal helps with that.

In such a world as this does one dare to think for himself?
The paradox of power and peace will destroy itself
To know the truth and live in fear of no man.
To realize that this in itself is an ascension
Toward the day we revolt.

~ Lamb of God, As the Palaces Burn

Why Wicca and Celtic Paganism Are Different Things

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It is quite common for Wicca and Celtic Paganism to be lumped together. Many people assume that they are the same thing. They are not. Here are the key differences between the two practices as outlined by this article.

Wicca is a relatively modern religion. Celtic Pagan Reconstructionism attempts to practice their spirituality as the Celts did during their Golden Age: Between 400-1300 AD.

Wicca breaks the universe down into the four Greco-Roman elements: Earth, Air, Wind and Fire.

Celtic Paganism adheres to the ancient Celtic view that the universe is triunal in nature. The world is composed of Air, Land and Sea. Existence is also made up of three realms: This world, the other world and the underworld.

Wicca is based on the idea that you should harm none. This tenet is different from the views of the Celts, who in general were a warrior culture. They believed that it was necessary sometimes to kill in order to survive and that death and life were interconnected.

Wicca breaks down the deities into the God/Goddess dynamic. For example, there is little difference between Osiris and Odin – they just are invoked for different purposes. Celtic Paganism believes that each deity is individualistic and unique.

Celtic Paganism recognizes that sacred places are found, not created.

Of course it must be said that most of what we know about the Celts is an educated guess, since they did not keep written records about themselves. Spiritual knowledge was passed on orally in the Celtic Tradition. Also, many Celtic artifacts were destroyed by the Romans, Vikings and Christians.

However, the distinguishing feature of Reconstructionalist Celtic Paganism is that it is an attempt to practice a spirituality that is close to that of the Ancient Celts. While Wicca is a modern, New Age creation with Celtic elements.

Thousands Get Together in Lerwick Shetland (Northern English Isle) Each Year to Celebrate Viking Heritage

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Look, they even have a little viking in the parade! Isn’t that cute.

Nature and Magick: A Struggle For Power

Nature represents a struggle for power, an exertion of will over one’s surroundings.

This is the beating heart of existence.

Anyone who has spent any length of time observing the wild understands this fact.

Wolves will fight a bloody struggle over who will be the alpha of the pack.

Even a vine will overtake the trees and flowers of the forest, oppressing what it can in order to live.

Dominance and submission are the natural state of all things. All relationships are a struggle for power in their own way. Even in the intimacy of romance – there is always one person who holds more power than the other. There is a chaser and a person being chased.  Of course nothing is so black and white – but the power struggle is there nonetheless.

Magick is the most primeval form of the human will to achieve this power.

Anthropologists have found that the evidence of ritual is as old a humanity itself.


Druids and shamans of old wandered the forest, and learned how wield their power over the spiritual realm. It is said that a true shaman could command rain from the heavens, invoke fertility from the earth, ask for victory in battle and discern visions of the future from the flight of birds or patterns in smoke.

One who could manipulate the spirits, held a fire that an army of men could not smolder.

Over time priests realized that they could control large groups of people, towns and civilizations through the arcane power of spirituality.


Eventually Christianity came on the scene. Priests told their followers that they must submit themselves to God’s Will. In Pagan times, a powerful, strong, cultured and intelligent person was superior. Yet in Christian times, leaders advocated meekness, mildness and mindless submission to authority. In short: the qualities of the ideal slave.

But of course, there was always a Shepard needed to stand watch over subservient sheep: A pope, priest, etc.

Through the tool of organized religion a small group of elite old men could command several civilizations to do their bidding.

In the Christian world, people were convinced that nature was a mere tool for man’s use. And within this world, the machinery of the industrial revolution took place. Man developed science, a most crude magick, in an attempt to subvert the elements and conquer the Earth. Man arrogantly believed that he could control the rains, the floods, pestilence and fertility through the use of his science. The druids of old attempted these things too, but understood that they were working with a complex life force.

Two competing world ideologies emerged from the industrial era: Capitalism and Socialism. While they may seem as opposites, they are both two sides of the same coin. Socialism spreads the lie that all men are equals and that if they just all act the same they can live in a harmonious and peaceful world. Capitalism is the notion that life is a meritocracy – where all men have an equal chance to grab their slice of the pie if they just work hard enough. Yet in both systems, a small group of elites command large swaths of the population. Much like the Christian Shepard commanding his passive flock.

In ancient times, a just king would rule over a population of people. If this king became corrupt, the people would rise up and kill him. People today are too passive to do such a thing, even when their oh so wise Shepard is leading them to the slaughter house.

The forces of Capitalism and Socialism competed with one another over who could make the most progress, not realizing that the progress they so desired was an idol and empty prize. Like a tireless leviathan, the machinery of civilization churns on, and we cogs on the spokes of the wheel of torment. We are consuming and destroying all the resources we need to survive: poisoning the skies, the water, and the soil of the Earth. We have killed a large majority of the species of animal on this planet.

So does this mean we are winners in nature’s game over power? Hardly.

Even the most blood thirsty wolf will not kill all the deer in the forest. For the wolf knows that some deer must survive in the future so that it will have a continuous food source.


What compels the wolf to know this fact? Text books on Biology? No. Primitive, gut instinct. It is instinct that calls flocks of birds to migrate to the warmer south in winter time. It is instinct that compels a mother bear to viciously defend her cubs. Instinct that sends the animals of the forest into a frenzy in the face of a coming storm. Instinct is the primordial call, the knowledge that shoots forth from the back of the mind like a weed bursting from Earth. A subconscious truth communicated in dreams. It is the hairs that prickle on the neck when one is about to walk down a dark alley. It is that feeling when you wake up in the morning and know that something bad is going to happen.

Art, music and spirituality are the expression of the human subconscious. This is our version of calling to one another in the forest. Within the world of art and music we are awakening to a coming storm. There is a global realization that the current culture we live in is synthetic, unnatural – and not just dysfunctional – but evil.


Yet the power of nature is persistent. Weeds and vines will always threaten to overtake a well manicured garden. As people emerge from a Christian World Order, the power of sex and violence too will overwhelm our nice neat little astroturf lives.

Shamans will walk the forest again and hear the call of the wild. They will open their eyes to the darkening storm clouds and warn others of the thunderous tumult to come. These shamans will manifest themselves as artists, writers and musicians – rather than as politicians. For art and music are hundreds of years ahead of politics. They will be masters of listening to their instincts – to the voice of nature – the primeval power of the forest. Those who listen to this voice will survive. Others will try to numb it with drugs, alcohol, and television – they will perish.


We must hear this call and return to a natural system. A system in which we realize our own power within and pay attention to our instincts. We must understand that the heart of nature is a brutal struggle for survival and be strong enough to endure.

Are you a passive sheep my friend, or a hungry wolf? Does the ferocious gleam of the predator yet shine in your eye?