What is Metal Gaia?

Welcome traveler! Here you will find an Earthy, Metal blog of sorts. In this blog I am exploring and looking for alternative ways of living amid what we call “civilization.” The modern day, capitalist culture is an order of toxic consumption – and we accept this as the Status Quo. We’re so disconnected from the Earth and the natural in this day and age we might as well be living in a space station. Our animals (meat) is harvested and slaughtered by machines and laborers with sub-human wages. The clothes we buy and wear day to day and celebrate in the fashion industry are made by children overseas in sweat shops. Our key energy source – petroleum oil – is sustained by wars in the middle east (in which the U.S. government is killing 100,000’s and sending remote controlled drones to drop bombs on villages). This resource is choking the planet full of pollution and destroying the ecosystems that sustain us.

The latest aberration is fracking, which the politicians have proposed as the answer to the problem of oil. This solution is simply replacing one poison with an even worse poison. As Al Gore said, “junkies find veins in their toes when the ones in their arms and legs give out.” Our world leaders are promoting dangerous and reckless methods of energy production because they have become addicted to debt, power and money.

In short, our culture is a deadly, sick, toxic poison that is destroying life as we know it.


Even worse are the Conservative Christian Fundamentalists who give God’s blessing to this destructive behavior – by aiding and abetting the Neoliberal, Conservative side of the world’s capitalist super power. I’m certainly not saying that all Christians are like this. There are many Christian environmentalists who care deeply for the planet – my grandmother was one. Yet prominent voices in the Evangelical community are making the global situation worse by adding fuel to the fire, and promoting poisonous views about politics and sex.

To cut to the chase with an iron sharp machete – what the world needs is drastic change – and fast!


Around the world people are beginning to embrace the old ways. Ancient spiritualism and Earth based wisdom is making a come back in a big way. The internet is becoming a vital tool and alarm to educate the masses about the crimes of our current world order. It is obvious that the world is going to shit, you don’t need a PHD to realize that.

A picture of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life


Underground music – most specifically metal – has embraced and celebrated many of the stories and themes of ancient Pagan Gods. Led Zeppelin incorporates runes in their band art. Amon Amarth celebrates the bravery of ancient vikings and the wisdom of the Norse Gods. Celtic and Viking warriors didn’t suffer fools.


Pre-Christian religions offer a view into cultures that had healthier ideas about women and sexuality. These views vary depending on what culture we’re talking about. Women in Pre-Christian Greece and Rome, for instance, lived very guarded lives, while women in Ancient Celtic, Egyptian and Norse societies had many more freedoms. Yet even in Patriarchal societies such as Ancient Rome and Greece, there was still a recognition of the power of Goddesses, women had their own special religious rites that men could not attend, and women had some small modicum of spiritual power that disappeared with the advent of Christianity. One of the greatest losses caused by Judeo Christian Monotheism is the loss of the world’s connection to the Divine Feminine.

This is why there is a focus on the lives of women in pre-christian cultures on Metal Gaia. Check out my articles on Ancient Celtic and Ancient Norse women. However, this doesn’t mean that we should ignore the bold Masculine power of existence as many in the Pagan community sometimes do. If you’re more curious about this idea, you can read my article that asks whether male deities get enough attention in modern paganism.

So speaking of women, let us look to the old ways and find a new connection to our original mother, our Earth Mother. Let us honor her by finding alternative ways of living.