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10 Rock + Metal Bands That Play Weird Instruments

I can’t say that I’m surprised that Eluveitie and Korpiklaani both made it onto the list. My favorite by far though has to be Jackyl with their infamous chainsaw in “The Lumberjack.”

(Original article on Loudwire)

Spirit Animals


I came across an article I really liked about spirit animals on, so I will share it here.

“The spirit animals , as the name suggest are creature’s spirits inhabiting the two realms of existence . Our own and the realm of the spirits .  They are the reflection of the one’s true inner self . They are an embodiment of  what a person’s needs most at the moment . The spirit animals are part of almost every shamanic traditions worldwide .”

It is helpful to remember that different cultures might have slightly different interpretations of what certain spirit animals symbolize. But what is important is that getting in touch with these animals can help you better yourself, or help you enhance a part of yourself that is lacking. The reason why animals are helpful to us humans is because many of us have forgotten how to get in touch with our instincts. We over intellectualize our lives and our problems. And we forget that at a deep, primitive level, we might already know the solutions to the issues we face. This is why an animal as a pet, a friend, or a spirit you see in a vision or a dream can potentially guide you to the right path.

Here are a few examples of spirit animals. Text taken from original article.


The deer is a symbol of healing , kindness and unconditional love . He is kind and compassionate . Furthermore this spirit animal rises your intuition  . If you see a deer in your dream is a symbol of natural beauty and gentleness . It represents your ability to deal with problems , your determination and grace .



The eagle is a proud animal . He symbolizes strength , leadership and bravery . The eagle teaches us courage . He gives us the ability to bravely face our fears . The eagle is a spirit that aids the leaders . Dreaming of an eagle may be symbol of pride , freedom courage , fierceness . It can also mean a self-renewal .



The wolf teaches us wisdom . He is the pathfinder . He is a symbol of leadership and intelligence . Dreaming of a wolf may symbolize self confidence and pride . It means you are a loner by choice .







Political Earthquakes at Twilight


I don’t normally say anything about politics on this blog, but seeing the dramatic direction that politics is taking in light of America’s current election results and Britain’s Brexit, I had a few thoughts I wanted to write down. Not about the candidates, but about political trends as a mirror of deeper problems within, an omen of the world to come.

What I see evolving as a key catalyst in our political trends today is a growing existentialist dread people have about today’s world order, whether people are liberal, conservative, or whatever they are.

Today we live under a sort of soulless corporate, capitalistic world order that puts out the message that they’re building a better world for all of us – that everyone is important – and that if we work hard, everyone can have a piece of the pie.

But people have figured out that the world is being run by a powerful club, and they’re not part of the club. And now they’re willing to lash out in anger. In violence. To put anyone in power who even hints at doing something to destroy that club. I am not justifying the anger, the violence or the choices. I am just commenting on why people are doing what they do.

We live in a world where people are hungry for change, purpose and meaning. You see the growth of extreme religions as a result of this. Extreme Islam. Extremism in Christianity. Even extremism in Hinduism in India. The extremism and polarization of political movements.

Beneath this is a deep crisis of identity as we all become cogs as part of one large corporate, capitalist machine. And so I think this is why people are now latching onto extreme forms of identity, whether it be religion, race or nationality. Because we live in a time where there is a crisis of authenticity. Where everything seems fake, hopeless and meaningless. Where people are tired of false truths and fake platitudes.

But in addition to that people are terrified. Scared of the loss of their jobs, livelihood, but also scared of something ominous and foreboding to come.

I think this is why it is important for people to connect with new but ancient spiritual truths. Truths that can connect them with the Earth and to themselves. To something eternal. Hopefully a re-connection to our Earthly and eternal roots can be the spiritual medicine to inoculate us against the effects of a disastrous world that has stood against the laws of nature.

But all and all, we are living in a time of dramatic changes ahead. A time of political earthquakes. The twilight of an era. For better or for worse.