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Help The Celtic Myth Podshow


In the days of old, our ancestors told the stories of their people by the fire side.

Today there is a podcast called the “Celtic Myth Podshow” that provides a modern version of this tradition. You can go to their website and hear the old Celtic myths told through the modern media of the internet. You can also download their app on your phone.

I in particular love hearing these stories aloud because I can never understand nor pronounce those weird Celtic names when I see them written down.

But in January they need to pay over £100 of web hosting fees, update their website and much of their recording equipment. They have been paying all these costs themselves to provide a free service to the public, but now they need help, since they can no longer afford to do this alone.

Check out the Celtic Myth Podshow and click the donate button, that’s on the left side of their website.

Here’s the latest episode, for the curious

Click Here to Hear the Episode

Celtic Myth Podcast Show


The oldest story telling tradition is the oral tradition.

Much Celtic lore in the ancient days was recited via word of mouth.

Rather than being written down.

Therefore, this podcast is a great way to hear the Ancient Celtic Tales retold.

In the way they were once told before.

With the vibrant voice of a story teller.

Take a seat by the fire and enjoy.