Homesteading Self Sufficiency and Survival

The knowledge of living independently and sustaining the self is an art that was passed down from our ancestors for thousands of years. Yet in today’s society, this knowledge is almost extinct. We have become incredibly dependent on others for almost all our daily needs: food, shelter, water, safety, etc.

If some wide scale disaster were to happen (for example, half of India losing their power) most people would be as helpless as new-born babies. We see our modern-day selves as being more advanced than our ancestors. After all, we have electricity, the internet and who could forget the television for all the quality “reality” TV shows we watch (barf).

Yet unlike our ancestors, we do not know how to feed nor defend ourselves without being incredibly reliant on a system that is destroying the biological foundations of life. Somehow, our “primitive” ancestors could fulfill all their needs without causing a series of climate disasters. But in this “modern” day and age, we cannot master so simple a feat. Most of us don’t even know where our food comes from for starters. The burger is not a cow, it is an abstract form, a meat circle of sorts – and where it comes from? Who knows or fucking cares? It’s convenient and easy, right?

I see a parallel between the lives of livestock and those of your average American. Now this may sound like a stretch. You may be asking yourself, “what does the life of a cow have to do with me?” Yet you are what you eat. Most of our livestock live in cramped quarters, sedentary lives of sitting around all day – no space to even move, not even allowed to see the light of sunshine, pumped up with all kinds of hormones and kept fat, lazy and dumb so they don’t cause too much trouble for their masters.

Sound familiar? These qualities just mentioned could describe the life of your average American worker. They spend a majority of their lives inside, sitting around doing little physical activity, existing in cramped quarters, being pumped full of drugs and hormones, and getting fat, lazy and dumb from this existence.

Much like these cows, if we were set out in the wild, if some type of disaster were to occur, we would have no idea of what to do. We’d be easy prey. Let us become more than cattle. Let us once again be Human Beings, doing as much as we can for ourselves – without being dependent, let alone servile, to a corrupt and toxic system.

I’m not saying we should abandon all technology. Hell, I’m obviously using the internet to write this blog, aren’t I? But I’m saying we should use new technology to learn ancient wisdom. Today, the internet has become a great tool for re-educating people on how to live in a sustainable and healthy way with the Earth.

The first step is learning how to walk on your own. Check out the sites below and take your first step towards independence for yourself, and co-dependence on the planet instead of corporations.



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