Heaven and Hell (Dio) – “Eating the Cannibals”

I give this song 10 shrunken heads out of 10. 

Genre: Heavy Fucking Metal

Themes: Sorcery, Mysticism, Fantasy, Depression

Band Location: The U.K.

Lyrics: See them here

First of all, it goes without saying that this song is destined for greatness because the God of Heavy Metal himself – Ronnie James Dio – is singing. “Eating the Cannibals” is a fast and fun groove from Heaven and Hell’s 2009 album “The Devil You Know.”

Heaven and Hell is a metal project that was formed by past and current Black Sabbath members in order to play Sabbath tracks without infringing on the Ozzy fronted version of the band. Yet fans and critics alike have taken to calling the Heaven and Hell band “Black Sabath.”



Heaven and Hell Facebook

The Devil You Know Album

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