Food Deserts



Perhaps you were drawn to this post because you thought I said “Food Dessert.” Sorry, I don’t have any cakes or muffins for you. However, there are entire neighborhoods where the residents have nothing to eat but Twinkies and Convenience Store hot-dogs. These neighborhoods are called “food deserts.” In these neighborhoods the only places to get food are corner stores, fast food and gas stations. Food deserts and poverty are a vicious cycle. It’s hard to escape poverty when you don’t have the health or the energy to do so – having to walk 10 blocks to eat a salad makes that a little difficult. It’s also difficult when a bag of carrots costs more than a quarter-pounder with cheese.

However, there are organizations and people out there trying to combat the evils of obesity and saturated fat while wielding carrots and celery sticks as their weapons of choice. I supplied some information below.

Food Desert (Wikipedia)

Vegan Food Truck Tries To Make Food Desert Healthier

 Eliminating Food Deserts in DC

Food is Power – Chris Hedges

Urban Agriculture

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  1. The article “Food is Power” is especially sobering. Even the CIA says that future wars will be not as much over oil as over water and food resources as the climate changes.

    September 12, 2013 at 12:27 pm

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