Menhir – Hildebrandslied

“Menhir” is a monolithic stone, that can stand alone or with others. 


Genre: Pagan Black Metal

Location: Germany

Themes: Paganism, Nature, Thuringia, History

The Lay of Hildebrandslied is one of the earliest literary works in Germany. It tales the tale of a tragic encounter in battle between a son and his unrecognized father. The importance of this tale lies in the fact that it is the only surviving example of a style that must have been important in the Germanic oral tradition. More information here.

As for the song itself, it is nine minutes long, but I’m sure if you’re a black metal fan, you’re used to songs that go on for eons. This song itself is well worth the time. From beginning to end, many emotions are captured: passion, power, tragedy and beauty – much like the tale of Hildebrandslied. The violin and guitar help capture this dynamic of emotions.

The video itself also does a good job in transitioning from Menhir in concert, to images of ancient Germanic life: heroes riding horses in battle, traditional life in the village, a sword glistening in the sunlight. I’m not a fan of live videos – but this one is definitely an exception to the rule.

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