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The Three Things in Life Worth Fighting For

Land, Freedom and Culture

Earth air and water be the Celtic Elements three 

An eagle in the sky roams like liberty 

A salmon navigates ancestral waters, searching for its culture 

And man reveres his land, full of glory and honor

Some say there is no such thing as a just war. Those who have actually fought in wars know it for the true beast that it is. Those who have not may romanticize violence equating it to patriotism and bravery. I would say most of the wars that United States has fought (especially the many shadow wars we engage in currently) have not been just wars. They have been wars for the purpose of expansion, imperialism and pushing our culture onto other people who don’t want it.

As Dick Gregory said, “When you have something really good, you don’t have to force it on people, they will steal it.”

You can never fight to force other people to be free. Freedom is the ability to choose what kind of culture and life you want for your own people. If you have to force it – it’s not freedom at all.

But when is war just? When must a person pick up a weapon and put their life on the line?

Fighting, (in my opinion), is just when your land, culture and personal freedoms are on the line.

The song I posted below is by a Russian band called Fferyllt. They write about Paganism, Druidism and Asatru.

The reason I posted the song though is because it reminds me of my great uncles (grandmother’s uncles). They were part of the IRA and fought the British in an attempt to unify Ireland and their people.

That, in my opinion, is an example of just war. But culture is more than just “a specific type of people.” Perhaps it’s a way of life that provides freedom, opportunity and a connection to the Earth.

But let us bring the conversation back to the modern-day. In America, who are the real terrorists? Who are really the people trying to take your land, freedom and culture away? (Not many people own their ancestral lands these days, so instead I should say who is destroying the Earth?) Is it small groups of brown men in far away lands? People that are so “dangerous” that we must spend billions every day to fly drones over their lands and drop bombs on their women and children. Are these people – who don’t even have nukes, missiles, aircraft carriers, or tanks – so dangerous that we must spend more money on the military than any other nation in the world?

Yes 911 was a tragedy. But many of the people – most of the people we are attacking right now had nothing to do with 911. Osama Bin Laden is dead. Yes, I’m sure there are many terrorist cells out there right now, hatching plans against America. But relentlessly bombing countries like Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan is making us less safe – not more. We are only increasing the hatred of America around the globe. We are spreading vengeance instead of affluence. We are sewing the seeds of war instead of peace. We are throwing kerosene onto gas and lighting a fire that will burn for decades if not more.

We have greater battles than this. We are stepping on ant hills only to ignore mountains. We are throwing rocks at wasps, distracted while lions ravage our cities.

In this century the great titan Typhon rears its beastly head and ascends from the Chthonic realms of the Earth. Climate change is the greatest challenge now. It’s not coming – it’s here and only getting worse. Hurricane Sandy has decimated New York. And I remind you that this was a category 1 storm! Imagine the consequences had it been a 2 or a 5.

Scientists are saying that massive storms are going to become a regular part of life.

And yet the political debates, the mainstream media, the forces in control all around us are silent on climate change.

So who is the real enemy here? What is the just war of our time?

I repeat: the fight for land, culture and freedom. 

We must fight for the Earth in our own way. We must fight those at every end who attempt to limit the expression of free speech on the internet. As Pagans and non Pagans we must look to our ancestors. What would they do? Would they sit down and shut up while our current leaders destroy the planet and create a police state. I doubt it. When someone tells you to shut up – you shout out. When someone tells you to sit down – you stand up. When there are people all around you telling you that you don’t matter, that your voice doesn’t matter, that there is nothing you can do – you prove them wrong.

There is always something you can do! Even if you don’t win! The vikings believed it was a great warrior who could face odds greater than himself. So what are you? A slave or a freeman? Let your actions answer that question.

Fferyllt ~ Warriors of Ireland Lyrics

For last time I see you, my fatherland proud
The voice of the horn calling you is too loud
Our foe is so close, as we hear his war cry
We go to the midnight to fight and to die.


Thunder in the sky is calling us to die,
To die for your freedom, your truth and your pride.
All hand-by-hand forever we’ll stand
Enemy shall run from our land!


Reminding my fathers, before me they’re gone,
Ages and spell turned them into stone,
I hear cry of Erin, who loved me so well,
I hear shore of waters and ring of the bell.


Thunder in the sky is calling us to die,
To die for your freedom, your truth and your pride.
All hand-by-hand forever we’ll stand
Enemy shall run from our land!


Your heroes await thee, we see them arise,
Their power and might come to us from the skies,
The Morrigan’s shelter will cover our heads,
And Erin will wait ‘till we rise from the dead.


Thunder in the sky is calling us to die,
To die for your freedom, your truth and your pride.
All hand-by-hand forever we’ll stand
Enemy shall run from our land!