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Truckfighters – The Game

A Potent Vision of America’s Dark Side Via Stoner Rock

Genre: Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Desert Rock

Origin: Sweden

In the 19th century “The Great Game” often referred to Britain’s colonial take over of a great part of the world. Perhaps this video is using “The Game” to refer to the world’s modern imperial power – America. This is a fan made video (not a Truckfighters original). But the images chosen for this video show a darker side to American life. There are many things I love about my country, but I know that it isn’t all prosperity and apple pie. The video is a montage of dilapidated, foreclosed homes, political power, fast-food, environmental destruction and brute military force. While our political leaders tell us all is well, there is a hollowing out of America taking place. This video tells the real American Story.