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Behemoth Film Depicts Human Cost of Coal

Not to be confused with the Polish Metal band Behemoth, this is a Chinese movie. Zhao Liang’s film Behemoth provides a striking view of the environmental and health costs of coal mining and consumption in China. The film borrows its plot structure from Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, as a coal miner suffering from lung disease. This coal miner guides the audience through a modern-day hell, purgatory and heaven – the coal mines and cities of Inner Mongolia.


Trailer for Lamb of God’s As the Palaces Burn Documentary

This documentary details Lamb of God’s 2.5 year tour around the world. Most notable is the mention that heavy metal connects people globally.

In a volatile state rife with poverty and violence, sometimes the only thing that can keep you alive and sane is being authentic to yourself. Heavy Metal helps with that.

In such a world as this does one dare to think for himself?
The paradox of power and peace will destroy itself
To know the truth and live in fear of no man.
To realize that this in itself is an ascension
Toward the day we revolt.

~ Lamb of God, As the Palaces Burn