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Prayer To The Allfather


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Odin, The Allfather


Asatru and Odinist Principles

1. Strength is better than weakness – tempered with kindness.

2. Courage is better than cowardice – tempered with wisdom.

3. Sensuality is better than guilt – tempered with common sense.

4. Honor is better than dishonor – tempered with resolve.

5. Freedom is better than slavery – tempered with accountability.

6. Tribalism is better than isolation – tempered with respect.

7. Sacrifice is better than avarice – tempered with survival.

8. Activity is better than sloth – tempered with finesse.

9. Lineage is better than “universalism” – tempered with patience.

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Jesus suffered for 7 hours on the cross, Odin did it for 9 days.

Christians like to go on and on about how Jesus died for our sins. Blah, blah blah.

Sure, Jesus suffered on the cross for a mere 7 hours. Is that really that much of an accomplishment for the supposed son of God.  And the results of this action were to die for the sins of man.

Well, I still see plenty of sinful people in the world, so I guess his sacrifice wasn’t too effective.

Lets compare this to Odin who hung upside down from the Tree of Life for fucking 9 days!

9 Days of suffering in agony.

He did this so that humans would have the gift of writing and the magic of the runes.

So go cry to yo “virgin” mamma Jesus.

The Norse Gods will kick your ass any day of the week – which are incidently named after them.

Thursday, Thor’s Day – just sayin.

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