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Sing to the Waters (Poem)



~ By my friend Ryk Hall

Sing to the waters
The healing songs of old

Sing to the waters
And the living spirit in its soul

Sing to the waters
Held by earth and sky

Sing to the waters
Within and without, and above and below

Sing to the waters
Blessings of clouds and rain and snow

Sing to the waters
Of murmurs in the streams and whispers over falls

Sing to the waters
For in the end this drop that I am melds back into the Oceans of Spirit

Sing to the Waters
Of Life and Peace

Emotion Ocean


One day a pillar of anger and fire, the next a lake of despair.

I long for the evaporation of feeling.

To be empty firmament in the air. I envy the void of space.

So infinite and static.

Emotion is an ocean. Fed by hate, guilt and panic.