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Týr with Leave’s Eyes Vocalist Liv, “The Lay of Our Love”

I tend to find most male/female metal duets to be cheesy, but not this song. Liv Kristine from Leave’s Eyes joins forces with Týr to do this powerful duet and music video. Both singers have strong and enchanting voices on their own, but when they come together they form a perfect harmony.

Týr is a progressive folk metal band from the Faroe Islands. Before writing this article, I didn’t even know what the Faroe Islands were. But thanks to some extensive research on Wikipedia, I’ve discovered that the Faroe Islands are an archipelago between Norway and Iceland. Thanks internet!

Týr’s music covers themes of Norse Mythology, Paganism, and Faroese/Nordic lore. The band has an anti-racist position and has declared themselves to be a form of music that does not condone hate or violence.

While Týr is an excellent group of musicians, the one major criticism I’ve heard about them is that they have a hard time sticking to one musical style – they are very experimental – for better or for worse! So enjoy this song and check out the lyrics below.


[Note, I noticed that the first stanza mentioned the word “leaves” and “eye”, is this a pun on Liv from Leave’s Eyes?] (Lyric Source)

One morning
As the leaves were falling
I found my life leaving
Couldn’t help but calling
And he must have heard my cry
Turning to me with a tear in his eye

One autumn
Parting came relieving
She ran up behind me
Poorly hid her grieving
Come wailing wind chill my heart
Come the rain fall on me as I depart

Life left us
Yesterday’s outshining
Our any tomorrow
With a silver lining
Remember a distant day
For even memories may fade away

Come lay down
By my side and sing me
An ode to the fallen
Make it come inside me
Do you ever think thereof
While the cold wind weeps the lay of our love

Leaves’ Eyes – Hell to the Heavens

Usually I don’t like this kind of symphonic metal, but the theme of the song is pretty awesome. 

Country of origin: Originally, this was an international band with members from Germany and Norway. Yet now the members from Norway have moved to Germany.

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Lyrical Themes: Nature, Love, History, Vikings and Norse Mythology

In the first three seconds of this song I was ready to turn it off. But then when the guitar and the rest of the instruments kicked in, I was like…hey this might actually be pretty cool. At first Liv Kristine’s voice was a bit too saccharine for my death metal palate. Yet the balance of Liv Kristine’s lily white voice with Alexander Krull’s gutteral sandpaper grunts actually worked out pretty well in my opinion. Usually these male/female duet vocals in symphonic metal tend to sound cheesy to yours truly. But Leave’s Eyes actually managed to pull it off.

The theme of the song was also powerful. A witch is captured by Christian priests who try to use violence to convert her to their religion. Yet she summons the power of Hecate to blow these priests away and remain true to the ancient ways.

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