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World Wide Magical Operation to Fight Fracking



On Saturday, September 28th, “The Warrior’s Call” took place.

It was a world wide pagan anti-fracking ritual.

300 bodies were present at the ritual and 1500 people around the world were there in mind and spirit.

The ritual was mainly facilitated by members of OBOD.

The intention of the ritual was to cast a sphere of protection over the Earth to protect it from fracking.

See a world wide map of who participated

What the Frak Are We Doing?!

Fracking, the new political answer to our Energy Crisis, could actually cause a global water crisis.

Check out the link below for more information.

A very small, teeny tiny percent of the U.S. budget goes towards renewable energy.

We need to form an intense focus on solar power if we want to continue being able to live on the planet.

Fracking is not a solution, it’s a new – and perhaps worse problem.