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Victory or Valhalla

Heroes have two choices in life: Victory or Valhalla.

Either one is better than living as a coward.

Social Law vs. Natural Law: Wake up, you’re in the jungle baby.

Social law is a system of rules enforced upon most civilized people at birth. It is a set of rules that governs how one must live to make a society work: don’t steal, be a good person, treat others as you yourself want to be treated, we’re all equals and if we can just put our differences aside and work together we’ll live in a golden utopia. These laws are a mix of the bubbling froth of traditional Judeo Christian doctrine and modern liberal humanism. It is the greatest scam of all time, the master deceit, a system of lies wrapped in a pretty package and called civilization. It’s like being fucked by a pig dressed as a nun.

Then there is the natural law, the real law, the primitive nature of man. The part of our brains that developed over thousands of years surviving ice ages, droughts, jungles, deserts, plague and war. It is the lizard brain, the animal brain, the part of ourselves that drives instinct and behavior at the deepest level.

In our ignorance we think we are one level removed from the beasts of the Earth. Anyone who has ever had pets or who has even been out in nature knows that there is a savage law that reigns above all: survival of the fittest, sink or swim, learn to fly or die trying. “Victory or Valhalla.”

This is not to say that altruism at some level doesn’t exist. Experiments have shown that mice will risk their lives to free their friends from captivity. Bonobos in tribes will share their food with one another. A dog may adopt an orphaned kitten as its own and take care of it.

I’m not saying that kindness doesn’t exist in our primitive nature. Yet the rules of civilized society are a farce. Rules written on stone tablets and commanded from “god” were of course meant for the people on the lower rungs of the social ladder – not the rich and the powerful.

If you look at social demographics today, it is the poor who are the most religious and the rich who are the least. The rich will lie, steal and oppress who ever gets in their way – this is called living by the natural law.

The natural law is vicious. She is the mother who harps and criticizes, who points out your greatest insecurities with a laugh and a wicked smile. She is not the lovey dovey Earth mother of flowers, hugs and candy. She is Kali on a rampage, burning down the overgrown forest. She wrathful and jealous Hera, tormenting and destroying those who oppose her. Her compassion is great to those who respect her, but her ire is the death felt a thousand times over in a tsunami.

So we go about in our daily lives, speaking, acting and breathing by the social law – when deep in our subconscious mind – we are living by the natural law. Why does the established man with a wife and a family risk it all for one night of passion with a young and beautiful woman, even when he knows that the repercussions could be loneliness, divorce, and endless alimony payments? Why does the woman “happily married” to a sensible and practical man sacrifice it all to run away with a less civilized beast? Why do the leaders of countries run their people into ruin with endless debt and war in pursuit of wealth – even when they themselves are at risk?

The fools and idiots scratch their heads. Jaws open. Flabbergasted. Standing around like a flock of gaping vaginas. A question mark that lingers in the air like a stangnant stench.

At the beginning of our lives we are placed on a chess board, but told that it is a checker board. Like obedient pawns, we concentrate on advancing one square at a time – only to be shocked and appalled when the rook claims our lives with one clean sweep. How could he do that? That wasn’t fair? You can’t just go all the way across the board? Sure you can, when you realize what game you’re playing.

So wake up. You’re in the jungle baby. As apes that’s where we started and we never really left. Sure, we may be savvy enough to build little houses and neat little roads and fenced up suburbs in which to divide our fake neat little lives.

But civilization as we know it is only 5,000 years old. Modern industrial society is only 200 years old. The real laws of man were established over the 40,000 years of our existence as beasts, and even the laws of the apes before that have carried over.

Would the human psyche change that quickly? To adapt to the humanitarian, liberal and christian laws of the land? Maybe when you chop off the genitals and lobotomize the mind. Why do you think antidepressants are so prevalent in today’s society? Why do you think people have to go to expensive therapies for their limp marriages and sex lives?

So wake up from the delusion. Everything you have been told is a lie. Realize what game you’re playing and play it right. There are no equals. Only winners and losers. Are you the wolf or its prey?

“You can taste the bright lights, but you won’t get there for free.”