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Sólstafir – Fjara (Official Music Video)

“Sólstafir” is the Icelandic word for “radiating sun beams”

As the fall brings us closer to the dreary and dark time of the year, I begin to bust out my dark emotional music. I’m not exactly sure how to categorize these guys musically – not that everything needs a category. They started out as a viking/black metal band, yet now they have more of a post-metal, rock sound. Their music is dreary and emotional.

Fjara means “Beach,” which explains why this video is on a beach! Wow! Look at my amazing powers of reason.This video itself is very mysterious and leaves more questions than answers. It also gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful Icelandic landscape.

Reading the lyrics leads me to believe that the song is about dragging around the burden of past memories and broken promises. Perhaps the landscape of the beach is significant, because the beach is where the land comes to an end and new life begins. Finally, when the protagonist of our video gets to the end of the line, a waterfall, she thrusts herself and the boat – or it might be a coffin (as Eaarth Animist astutely pointed out) over the edge, bringing an end to all the past pain and hurt.

English Translation:


This is the furthest I will go.
Never the same again.
The vile path calling me,
the day I ran from life again.

If I win this one time,
it will still be the end of me.
My belief that nothing ends well.
This is the end for me.

Day and night heart was uneased.
Broken will frozen smile.
Riding on, heart pumping tears.
Day and night I walk alone.

Bones rotting in the earth,
like your secrets
that you long kept from me.
But blood weighs more than silence.

Broken words, shards in your mouth,
cut deeper than any wound.
Broken vows will never be the same.
Lies like the viper’s bite.