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Ethics and Values in Druidry




1. Every action has a consequence that must be observed and you must be prepared to compensate for your actions if required.

2. All life is sacred and all are responsible for seeing that this standard is upheld.

3. You do still live in society and are bound by its rules.

4. Work with high standards.

5. Make an honest living.

6. Be a good host as well as a good guest.

7. Take care of yourself. (Health was held in high esteem amongst the Celts, so much that a person could be fined for being grossly overweight due to lack of care.)

8. Serve your community.

9. Maintain a healthy balance of the spiritual and mundane.
(Nihtscad writes: ‘Ethical and self respecting Druids did nothing without being properly schooled or aware of the consequences ahead of time. They knew when it was appropriate to visit the Otherworld and immerse themselves in the spiritual as well as when it was appropriate to be fully in this world.’)

10. Uphold the Truth, starting with yourself.

11. Be sure in your convictions, particularly when judging or accusing someone, but also when debating. Ask yourself: are you really sure? Do you really know that this the case?

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What Does Druidry Mean to Me?



To me, druidry is a spirituality that links the practitioner to the deepest archetypes within. These archetypes aren’t an individual gift. They are part of a wellspring, connected to the ocean of mankind. Within us flows the same current – the same tides – of all humanity. This is why most cultures have the same folk tales and epics. We are all part of an ebbing and flowing Jungian wisdom. Many of us don’t understand this existence and remain mired in our own feelings and depressions. Yet the druid is the boatman, the surfer, he(or she) who can navigate that vast and complex ocean of the spirit.
This ocean itself is connected to nature. We all are seeds that spring up from the wealth and beauty of nature. As a learning druid, I want to further connect myself to the spirit of the world.
Druidry isn’t necessarily a religion. It’s a divine spiritual connection. It is a way of life.

An Academic Discussion on Irish Neopaganism


I decided to put this video up here because there is a lot of arguments on the internet about what defines Paganism.

Or what defines Neo Paganism.

This woman certainly doesn’t have the final word on the matter.

But she is an Ethnographic researcher who spoke with different self identified Pagan individuals and groups.

She is trying to explain what Paganism is from her research and point of view,

and I think she makes some good points.

This is Jenny Butler and she is speaking at the University College Cork’s Doctoral Showcase 2011.

Gotta love that Irish Accent.