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Deicide – End the Wrath of God

Genre: Death Metal

Location: Tampa, Florida

Themes: Satanism, Anti-Christian, Hatred

While I usually post some pagan/folk/black metal type stuff on this blog, sometimes it’s good to switch things up. And by that, I mean sometimes you just need an injection of simple, good ole brutal fucking death metal into your life, and what better than Tampa’s finest? As a death metal singer, Glen Benton can growl like a demon gargling with the pieces of glass he broke from a church window, and yet even with such intense growls, his words are still discernible – at least to my ear. The instrumentals are also powerful, but work tightly together like clockwork, and know  just when to change things up to keep things interesting.

If you would like to watch a high contrast, black and white video of Deicide screaming sacrilegious lyrics while people dance with snakes and convulse on the floor, then this video is for you. If you need to find a video to show your local church minister, then this video is not for you – unless you go to the Church of Satan. Then that would probably be okay.


New Behemoth Release – Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

My Behemoth poster fell off the wall as I was listening to this – Behemoth is too heavy for my walls. 

Anyone jumping out of their skin in excitement for when Behemoth’s The Satanist comes out on February 4th? Currently my skeleton is running around my apartment headbanging to this song.  The Satanist is available for pre-order on Amazon, which means you can have the album shipped to your house the day it is released, listen to it first and gloat about it as all your friends stab themselves with envy.

With that aside, let me proceed to shamelessly gush about this song as if it were my teenage crush. In a previous post I discussed another song from this album: Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel. In that song, as well as the one above, I notice that Behemoth has adopted a more Black Metalish sound for this album. The guitar has somewhat of that chaotic all over the place Black Metal sound. I also love the tone they chose for the bass, it is haunting and melodic. It knows when to step into the spotlight when the rest of the music calms down, and hold things together with a bittersweet melody.

Really enjoying the two songs I’ve heard from The Satanist. Can’t wait to get my talons on the actual album.