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Glyn Smyth: Dark illustrations of myth, folklore and magick


Glyn Smyth, also known as “Stag & Serpent,” is a self-taught artist from Belfast, Ireland. He is inspired by folklore, myths and magick. Glyn has also collaborated with many underground metal bands (Wolves In The Throne Room, Sub Rosa and Unearthly Trance to name a few). Check out the following links for more information.  Stag and Serpent      Facebook     Instagram     Shop




Dark Messenger


I am the dark
black feathered truth
Fortune teller
Of fear and doom

Fly with me
Up through a tree
Climb through the branches
of eternity

Born from gold yoke
A crystal ball
Of birth and growth
Sooth sayer to all

So close your eyes
And hear my call
What am I?
Can you tell? Can you tell?

I am the dark
Black feathered truth
Nest with me
Never to return