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Hall of the Bear King


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A visitor, I enter the dark wood
A kingdom far from home
Yellow eyed spies surround me
Away from man I roam

The wind tumbles forth
White Winter Lips whisp warning
Who am I? Dare enter this wood?
Great Hall of the Mighty Bear King

Birds flutter by
Winged whispers in the dark
The Wren, The Raven,
The Crow and the Lark

“Who, Who?” calls the Owl
Accusing eyes bright
Who dares trespass?
Our great hall this night?

The Wood grows darker
And I, more alone
The path a scant whisp
Hazy as smoke
White as bone.

And then hail, he enters.
On a throne of moonlight.
Fierce eyes shining defiant.
Smoldering flames of the night.

Hail Lord of Old.
Mighty King of the trees.
Hail Lord of Mystery
Bear King, you call to me

You are a primitive monster
Before you I tremble in fear
True power manifest
Shakes the Earth in a mere roar

Kill me if you must
Or let me live healthy and long
Such is the love of the Bear King
Such is the law of the Strong