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A Documentary On The Ancient Celts

Much of the information we have about the Ancient Celts was recorded by the Romans. And much of that information is a complete lie. The Romans presented the Ancient Celts as uncivilized, uneducated and uncultured barbarians. This is the picture we’ve had of the Celts for the last 1,000 years.

Yet the archaeological evidence presented in this documentary proves otherwise. We see a buried world unearthed: A society of people who had astronomy more advanced than the Romans, sophisticated engineering, a trade network that reached Africa and Asia and complex metal working.

These weren’t a perfect people, but they were a society that had rules obligating the respect of women, children and the elderly. Meanwhile in Rome they believed in Pater Familia, a system where the male head of the family was the only one with rights. A system in which a father had the legal authority to put his wife and children to death.

While the Romans destroyed Celtic Druids under claims that these druids were performing barbaric human sacrifices – the Romans were killing thousands in the Gladiatorial games for their own amusement.

So who were the real barbarians?