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Piano Cover of Amon Amarth’s Embrace The Endless Ocean

Twilight of the Thunder Gods – Amon Amarth

9 out of 10 vikings approve this message

Need some music to sword fight and pillage to? Check out my Amon Amarth favorite. Yes, yes I know this song came out back in 2008, but I love it so much that I decided it must be spread on the internet like a 13th century plague. Okay! Bad example! But I digress. The Twilight of the Thunder Gods album as a whole stood out to me more than the other Amon Amarth albums. As vikings they upgraded from raiding monastaries, to pillaging the Vatican and burning the pope’s underwear. Okay, bad example again!

Yet there is definitely something different about this album. Could it be that they got the guitarist Roope Latvala from Children of Bodom to play a solo track on this song? Could it be that they got the Cello metal folks from Apocalyptica and the vocalist, Lars Petrov from Entombed to contribute to other songs on the album. Nah. I just think they were a little extra viking the day they made this album.

Side note: apparently the sword fighting in this video is not that accurate – but is the sword fighting in any metal video that realistic?

Ragna Rok (A prophesy of destruction and rebirth)

Ragna Rok is a Norse prophesy of destruction and rebirth.

Othin, chief of the Gods, calls on a “Volva” – or wise woman. She talks of talks of the past – the creation of the world, the dwarfs, the creation of men and women, etc.

But then she speaks of the future ahead – the final destruction of the Gods. The final battle. In this battle, fire and flood will overwhelm heaven and earth as the Gods fight their enemies. Valkyries will bring the slain warriors to support Othin and the other Gods in battle. Othin will be slain as fire leaps high over heaven itself.

But this is not all.

A new and beautiful world rises to replace the ruins of the old.

Because creation of the new must result from destruction of the old.

Old prophesies relate to the near future.

The world needs vikings. Vikings believed that the most honorable deed was to fight an enemy greater than themselves.

We face a world where Goliath sized corporations and the mega-rich are seizing a majority of the world’s resources, using political strings to start wars for oil and destroying life on the planet for the sake of money.

Most of us know that what our leaders are doing is wrong. Yet few have the courage to fight.

Speak out. Fight.

 Your sword will cut the throat of liars and murderers

Their heads will tumble to the ground

Let their heads lie where they belong

In a pool of their toxic blood.

I do not claim credit for this fan made video, but I believe it is awesome.

Amon Amarth’s Death in Fire Live

Time to watch some metal happening in a viking ship on stage. Hopefully this will make your day as much as it made mine.