It’s Time To Follow Nature’s Lead

Many of man’s greatest inventions are mere mimicry of nature. Have you ever noticed that the flight of a helicopter resembles that of a dragonfly or hummingbird? Hovering birds such as eagles, vultures and pelicans inspired the designs of a plane. Reptiles basking in the sunlight inspired solar panels (Human Inventions Inspired By Nature).

Now we are at a critical moment in history where once again, we need to learn from nature. As climate change accelerates and the modern world becomes more polluted – we need to learn once again how to coexist with the Earth. Total destruction of the environment is not a necessity for progress unlike what we have been lead to believe. So how can we live on the planet without jeopardizing our own future?

Here Are Some Lessons From Nature

Recycle: Nothing is wasted in the natural world. All excrement and decay is brought back into the Earth and reused as a fertilizer for plant growth or food for insects and worms. Nature’s “trash” becomes a treasure when it adds new life and richness to the soil. We need to find ways to recycle our own trash back into the economy. We can do this via donating old goods rather than throwing them away, having a compost pile, recycling on a regular basis and reusing many of our goods.

The Perfect Balance of Order and Chaos: Whatever type of government or system we choose for ourselves. It must be one that benefits the planet as well as the people. It must benefit the ecosystem through which we live and lead to the creation of new life, even if this means the destruction of old ideas. Right now most people live under destructive governments with destructive world systems. These systems are powered by war, terror and the destruction of the planet. If these governments cannot reform themselves, they will self destruct and something else will take their place.

The principles of Humanism and Christianity are not sacrosanct. They are not the ideals for the whole planet and everyone on it. We must switch to a system that follows nature’s law, for nature is a complex of chaos and order that protects the whole of life.

Nature Creates Its Own Energy: We must find sources of energy that are renewable and replenishing. We must invest more in solar and wind power, because these are sources that do not damage the surrounding landscape. There is no such thing as “clean coal,” “clean nuclear” or “natural gas.” All of these sources are dirty and toxic to human health. We must phase out coal, nuclear, fracking and oil like we would wean a drug addict off their addiction. Solar and wind will be the vegetables and fruits to a system pigging out on alcohol and potato chips.

SOURCE: To Change Our Direction, It’s Time To Follow Nature’s Lead (Common Dreams)

More Than Two Genders?


Watch this episode of Taboo for a more in depth look at the existence of multiple genders in Indian, Indonesian and Albanian culture.

Throughout Western Society, there is only room for two genders: male and female. Although there is a growing acceptance of homosexuality and transgendered people in the modern world – most homosexuals and transgendered folk still live on the fringes of society.

Yet in some cultures around the world, there are more than two accepted genders.

In India there is a third gender: The Hijra, men who cut off their genitals and live like women.

In parts of Indonesia there are five genders.

In Albania, a woman traditionally could forsake her female gender in exchange for male duties and responsibilities.

In the cultures that accept other genders – this other gender is often endowed with a spiritual significance. People with both male and female gender have a certain relation to the Gods that heterosexuals with their one gender do not.

I believe that in indigenous cultures there is more acceptance – and even an embrace of such sexual diversity, because this is only natural. After all, if nature chose you to have a unique gender, that is a destiny chosen for you by the Gods. Do not be ashamed. You are a product of the natural world and thusly beautiful as you are.

Environmental Stewardship – A Religious Issue?

Changing Public Policy Through Spiritual Perception

The land is endowed with many spirits. It is sacred. Paganism and Earth based Spirituality is keenly aware of this fact.

Unfortunately, not all religions are.

The data shows that religious ideals can effect public policy and even how people vote.

(Data From Enviroknow)

Popular political issues in terms of religion are reducing poverty and preventing abortion.

Yet the desire to reduce pollution and climate change are at the bottom of the list.

Imagine how society would change, if more people connected with the Earth at a spiritual level, rather than just looking at it as a data point or as a resource for consumption.

And for the Judeo Christians out there, even the bible states that lessons can be learned from the Earth.

Job 12:7-10. But ask the animals, and they will teach you; or birds of the air
and they will tell you; or speak to the earth and it will teach you; or let the fish
of the sea inform you.

And that we are responsible for the land’s care:

Lev. 25:23-24. The land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants.
Throughout the country that you hold as a possession, you must provide for the
redemption of the land.

Original Article Here

Food As A Weapon of Control

Why are there so many hungry people in the world? Especially in farming communities (in the developing world)? Can’t these people grow their own food, you may ask?

3rd world farmers must sell everything they grow in order to pay for the expensive farming methods that have been forced upon them by American companies like Monsanto. This is part of a deliberate strategy to supplant local agricultural with an unsustainable system, a system controlled by one company. Take over the food supply and you control the people.

Farming communities (specifically in the Punjab in India) have been devastated by the so called “Green Revolution.” Indian farmers are enticed to buy “miracle crops” that require an insane amount of maintenance to grow: pesticides, herbicides and many other atrocities that will destroy the soil. Once the soil is destroyed, these farmers must pay even more money in order to deal with this – or starve to death.

This is all part of a deliberate system to keep people poor, in debt, and dependent upon a single monocultural system of food. Local crop diversity is replaced with one or two genetically modified crops.

Yet this tactic didn’t work so well for Ireland – when the British forced Irish peasants to grow potatoes as their one and only crop. When a disease started killing the potatoes, millions of Irish people lost their only source of food and 1 million Irish people ended up dying.

This new food revolution we see today has even worse implications, because it requires all sorts of pesticides and herbicides in order to work. Many of the side effects of these chemicals have not even been tested and are completely unknown.

Coincidentally – or not so coincidentally – as the use of these chemicals exploded after world war II, large populations of bats, bees and frogs began dying. Rates of Autism, deadly allergies, and retardation in children are going up and it’s a medical mystery! Sperm counts in males are declining and nobody knows why. Apparently the male chromosome is getting smaller and nobody knows why. Hrmmm…I wonder if putting all sorts of mystery chemicals all over our food and water supply would have some kind of horrific reaction? Something to ponder.

Behemoth Frontman Could Face Two Years in Jail Over Bible Tearing Stunt

Nergal, the frontman of the Polish Death Metal band Behemoth may face two years of jail time for tearing the pages of a bible on stage.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who goes to a Behemoth show knows what to expect. I don’t think anyone goes to one of these shows expecting Kumbaya and a bible study. What do they think this is? Bingo night at the Old Folk’s Home? This is mother fucking Behemoth people! Grow up and grow a pair while you’re at it! So someone doesn’t like your religion? Fact of life: there are going to be people out there who insult the things you like! Gasp!

Someone can get on stage, rip up my picture, spit on images of my family and friends and I might get mad. But I would never in this lifetime press for that person to be jailed because they hurt my feelings.

If you have to jail anyone who disagrees with your system to keep it from collapsing – it probably isn’t a very good system to begin with.

More on the story here





Devastating Forces of Nature

(Devastation of Hurricane Sandy in Battery Park, NYC)

In 2012 Climate Change wasn’t even mentioned in the presidential debates for the first time in 2 decades.

The world conference on climate change in Rio was a joke with no real solutions.

This week Hurricane Sandy made herself heard by slamming into the financial heart of America (New York).

As humans we think that our little, consumption based system has triumphed over nature.

But we are only a grain of sand among trillions.

Nature is 5 billion years old.

Humans as a species are 30,000 years young.

The Modern Capitalist World order is an infant at 200 years young.

Can we really triumph over the forces of nature?

7.5 million in the East Coast lose power.

That’s 2% of the United State’s total population!

When will we wake up?

Let us wake up and start living on this planet with a manner of dignity and respect.

Or else we can look forward to the following future below for Consumption Based America:

(This photo is not from Sandy. It is a fake. But it is still a good image of where we’re headed. )

Botswana’s Heavy Metal Heads


“Metal is a music about power, independence and freedom. That’s what I believe in –fighting for what you believe in no matter the consequences. Standing up for what you believe in and showing individuality.”


A Colombian Tribe Prepares to Fight Multinational Mining Company With Bows and Arrows

“We’re prepared to use our arrows to defend what belongs to us,” says Jairo Fuentes, a young Wayúu man who is leading the fight to protect Tamaquito.

The natives of Tamaquito are so attached to the land that mothers even bury the umbilical cords of their children in the ground to represent their connection to the land.

Yet now a Multinational Mining company is trying to force the people to relocate.

The explosions of the mine have scared away many of the forest animals.

The pollution has destroyed local water and air quality.

Even the goats are too scared to reproduce.

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Bhutan Aims to be The First 100% Organic Nation

Ever hear of Bhutan? Little Buddhist nation between China and India?

Well if you haven’t, they are about to make World History.

Check it out

Russia’s Small Scale Organic Agriculture Model May Hold Key For Feeding The World

Is there a place in the world where you can own your own land?

Tax free?

No Government interference?

And is actually encouraged to support the independence and growth of local communities?

Is it America? Hell no. We’re talking about Russia comrade!

The 2003 The Bovine, Russia’s Private Garden Plot Act entitles every Russian to have their own land to farm.

Anywhere from 2.2 to 6.8 acres. Most of Russia’s food is organically grown in local backyards.

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Modern Day Amazons

Ukraine is a country where many women  experience daily oppression and get trafficked into Sex Slavery against their will. However, a group of women in the Carpathian mountains have taken matters into their own hands by grabbing a hold of swords and battle axes. These sword swinging warriors have declared complete autonomy from men. They have called themselves Asgarda and have revived the traditions of the ancient Scythian Amazons of Greek legend. They spend their time in the mountains learning martial arts and other life skills to empower themselves as women.

Check out the link below to see more on a tale of women “brandishing braids, battle axes and boxing gloves (Jenna Martin).”

(DISCLAIMER: I did not make this post as some kind of statement against men. This is a blog that is merely interested in people who embrace ancient traditions in modern times. For this group of ladies, they have found refuge in the traditions of their ancient Amazonian sisters. I respect whatever life style choice people choose for themselves.)

Coconut Revolution (The World’s First Eco-Revolution)


“One: We are fighting for man and his culture.

Two: We are fighting for the environment.

Three: We are fighting for independence.”

~ Francis Ona (Former President of Bougainville)

This is the amazing story of an island people who stood up to a major western super power and won.

Through the 1970’s and 80’s, the giant mining corporation Rio Tinto Zinc set up one of the world’s biggest copper mines in Bougainville (an island in Papua New Guinea).

This company shuffled the native people off into make shift settlements on desolate ground and paid them only 1,000th of the total earnings accumulated in the mine. It didn’t take long for the local environment to be destroyed by run off minerals. Pollution flooded into nearby rivers and rendered the water undrinkable for the next 200 years.

When the local people of Bougainville tried to sue the mining company for damages, they were laughed at. From there, the native people fought a revolution first against the Papua New Guinea government, then against Australia and won through the power of their own innovation, spiritual strength and commitment to the land.

At first they only had sticks and stones. Yet over time they learned how to make their own guns, booby traps and created home-made coconut fuel for their boats and jeeps.

They learned many lessons from the land – including one that we in the West need to learn: Energy Independence. Their coconut fuel is cleaner than Diesel and provides twice the mileage.

This is truly an inspiring documentary. I believe many more Eco-Revolutions will unfold around the world as the corrupt forces of greed in the Modern World fall apart on themselves.

Nature has many lessons to teach us if we are willing to listen. The industrialized world has existed for around 300 years and modern humans for 40,000 years. Yet nature is a truth with 5 billion years of  experience in the making. It is a system with the perfect balance of order and chaos. The fight for man’s culture, environment and independence is not just the fight of Bougainville – this is the fundamental war of our time.

Americans Are Eating Less Meat

Meat consumption has dropped by 12 % since 2007.

Americans have started eating less meat for reasons of:

health, the environment, animal welfare, cost and water scarcity. 

I am not personally against eating meat, but the way in which animals are farmed and slaughtered is a hell on earth.

I am happy that more and more Americans are taking the steps to stop contributing to this cruel and disgusting process.

Check out more here

5 Weird Consequences of Climate Change

We are already aware that Global Warming, more storms, mass animal extinctions and the like are a consequence of climate change. But what about the bizarre things that no one thinks about? Check em out in this article below.

5 Weird Consequences of Climate Change

Release of Watain DVD Opus Diaboli 2012

The only way to create something of true beauty of this world is to look beyond its borders…to search outside of the mundane…to step into the realm of liberated wilderness, untamed fire and that ancient chaos to which every true and potent artist has been mouthpiece.

This is what true Magick and Art is about.

Thousands Get Together in Lerwick Shetland (Northern English Isle) Each Year to Celebrate Viking Heritage

Click Here to Check it Out

Look, they even have a little viking in the parade! Isn’t that cute.

GWAR Commands You To Go Fur Free!

Stop Taking the Animal’s Clothes Human Scum Dogs! They are your superiors! They will eat and crap where they like. Listen to this important message from the master of the universe about the disgusting process involved in making fur products – and maybe think twice about wearing someone else’s skin.

James Inhofe Says The Bible Refutes Climate Change

So the church was also right when they said that the Earth was the center of the universe, and persecuted Galileo, right?

So It Begins. Cyber Crime Is Now an Act of “Terrorism”

Why did I post this video you may ask? It has nothing to do with the environment, paganism, or metal? This video is  important because it shows the fragile state of our liberty, that our liberty is slipping between our fingers as we speak. Business and government are working quickly to form laws to crush dissent. If we want to protest and fight for environmental rights, we may get arrested for doing so in the near future.

SOPA and PIPA were just the beginning of a wave of concentrated government efforts to crush the liberty of the internet. A majority of the news corporations in America are owned by a mere 6 companies. Yet the internet is the final frontier. The internet has been a tool for revolution against tyranny in many places in the world. Protesting something like the criminal destruction of the environment is dangerous for big businesses that profit off of this destruction. If a company decides that an environmental protest is not good for their business interests, they could say  that a protester is threatening their welfare and property rights.

Our liberty is being bought and sold, in the name of fighting terrorism and protecting liberty. Pretty soon “liberty” will be the right to agree with a corporation.