Archaeologists Unearth 5,000 Year Old Remains of a Possibly Transgendered/Gender Queer Cave Person



What do we believe about the Cavemen? They were a primitive and barbaric people who spent their time killing each other and beating women over the head with clubs when they wanted sexy times. However, one reality that Archaeological remains recently unearthed is that a primitive tribe in the Czech Republic may have been pretty tolerant towards their gender queer folk. (I know this article is two years old, but I think it’s still relevant)

We’ve heard it all before. Homosexuality is unnatural! It’s a plague of the modern age! Blah, blah blah. Maybe the real plague of the modern age is how poorly we treat those with nuanced gender and sexual orientations.

In many different tribal cultures around the world, gender deviance was an acceptable part of life. The Europeans who wrote about Native American tribes stated that there were a few men who would dress and act like women, and were treated as perfectly normal people by the tribe. In some cultures around the world, there are more than 2 accepted genders. In parts of Indonesia, there are five accepted genders. I discuss this more in a previous post: more than two genders? 

With regards to the skeletal remains mentioned above, they are a male skeleton who was given a woman’s burial rite. The archaeologists do not believe that this was a mistake, since the culture they were studying was very careful and precise with burial rites. Men in this culture were traditionally buried lying on their right side with their heads pointing west, but this man was instead buried on his left side with his head pointing east, which is how women were typically buried. He was also buried with female items, such as an egg shaped pot.

Now, we can’t jump to conclusions here. This evidence doesn’t necessarily prove that this caveman was transexual or gay. However, it does shed light on an ancient culture’s willingness to bend gender norms. Definitely some interesting food for thought.

Heathen Census Results So Far



Last week the website posted a Heathen Census.

Here are the results so far. You can also see them Here.

Remember, there is a strong survey bias to this survey.

These results tell a story about the people who took the survey, not all Heathens.

It is possible that is more popular in the US than other countries.

Also, the results will continue to be updated until the census closes on December 31st.

Humans Bring 6th Major Extinction

In the past there were 5 major extinctions that destroyed most life on the planet. Today, Humans are bringing the 6th major extinction.

Heathen Census




Why Take a Census? Much of the information we have on the existence of Heathens, how many there are world wide, and where they are located is limited. Most religious surveys commit the fallacy of lumping Heathens in with other Neo-Pagan groups or an “unspecified” category. Many Heathen survey takers even get lumped in with Wicca, which is a completely different practice. Therefore, for the sake of having accurate information that is specific to Heathens, this survey would be very helpful for the Heathen community. Taking this survey will probably only take a small amount of time of your time, but have positive results for your community at large.

Who counts as Heathen? The site issuing the survey decided to go with the term “Heathen” since it is the most general of the Germanic/Norse religions. A term like Odinist or Asatru is much more specific. But who counts as a Heathen? According the survey site:

  • Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, Ásatrú, Asatro, Firne Sitte, Forn Sed, Forn Siðr, Germanic Heathenry, Germanic Neopaganism, Germanic Paganism, Heathenism, Heathenry, Norse Paganism, Norse Religion, Northern Tradition, Odinism, Old Way, Theodism, Urglaawe, Vanatru

How does this census work? 

  • “The census has been designed to be (1) anonymous and (2) easy. Simply scroll to the bottom of this post, select your home country from the pull-down menu and click the “submit” button. That’s all there is to it.”

So please, take the survey and spread the news. 

World Wide Magical Operation to Fight Fracking



On Saturday, September 28th, “The Warrior’s Call” took place.

It was a world wide pagan anti-fracking ritual.

300 bodies were present at the ritual and 1500 people around the world were there in mind and spirit.

The ritual was mainly facilitated by members of OBOD.

The intention of the ritual was to cast a sphere of protection over the Earth to protect it from fracking.

See a world wide map of who participated

Brazilian Believers of Hidden Religion Step Out of Shadows



Brazil has one of the largest Black African Populations in the world.

Yet by the power structures and religious oppression that has existed for years, you wouldn’t know it.

But a recent religious poll has shown a sharp uptick in the number of people who call themselves “Candomblé.”

Candomblé is an Afro-Brazilian religion similar to Yoruba.

There is an incorporation of Catholic saints and a belief in one powerful deity who is served by lesser deities.

People are beginning to bring the practice out of basements and into the streets.

However, a large part of the Brazilian population is also becoming Evangelical. Hopefully the Candomblé can continue their religious practices without too much pressure from the Evangelical Christians.

Woodland Burials – They Turn Dead People Into Trees!


I always thought it would be cool to be sent off on a burning boat when I die.

But here’s another creative way to handle your remains. Get turned into a tree!

Cemeteries are just one example of humanity’s proficiency for wasting space.

Entire landscapes are ruined so people can preserve their dead corpses in metal boxes.

Imagine if you replaced cemeteries with forests and how much better that would be for the planet.

Also imagine all the new horror movies that could be made: “Night of the Living Trees.”

Check Out Woodland Burials – the place that turns people into trees.

Petition For Gwar to Play Half Time at Super Bowl


It’s time for our alien overlords to conquer a much loved American Tradition.

It’s not enough to see men in tightly clad spandex throwing around a pig’s flesh.

No, we must have blood, guts and space jizz as far as the eye can see.

You can make this a reality. Yes we can. Let’s send Gwar to the super bowl!



Now Enjoy “Metal Metal Land” where everything is loud and fast, metal up your fucking ass!

Pagans Fight Fracking


(Picture Source)

What the frack is this shit? For those of you still in the dark, “fracking” is an unconventional method of releasing “natural” gas from the ground. However, there is nothing natural about it. It is a procedure by which rock is fractured by pressurized liquid to release hard to reach oil and gas. Many of the politicians in both Britain and U.S. have been telling us that fracking will be good for us. It will stimulate the economy for 100 years! It’s natural and safe! And they’ll give you a pony if you accept it…okay, maybe they didn’t say that part, but the other promises are so dubious anyways they may as well have.


Oil Pump Jack

(Image Source)

Much of the promises about new jobs are highly over exaggerated. Most realistic estimates show that fracking will add very little jobs to the market.

Let’s take the state of Ohio for example. Ohio has become a Petri-dish for the Fracking Industry. The governor embraced the industry wholeheartedly, hoping it would bring more jobs to natives of Ohio. What he found instead, is that the industry brought many workers from out of state and few of the locals in the fracked territories actually acquired jobs themselves. Fracking is more of a “boom and bust” industry where outsiders increase a town’s tourism industry for a few years before moving on somewhere else when the job is done.


“You could have a situation where we are not getting the jobs, they’re taking the resources, and all their profits and they’re heading home,” Kasich said. “That is not acceptable to me. Now, we don’t have the conclusive evidence that this is happening yet, but I want you all to know, and I want the companies to know that this is an extremely serious matter, and we expect them to be responsive to the people of this state (Midwestern Energy News).”


A report from Cornell University bringing the over-hyped estimates of job gains to reality:

Pipe Dreams: Jobs Gained, Jobs Lost 



The fact that many politicians see fracking as the “natural” alternative to common place oil production makes me realize that I don’t have enough barf bags laying around when I read the news. Fracking is a process that releases Methane Gas, a Green House Gas 20 times more powerful than Carbon Dioxide (EPA). Yeah about that Global Warming thing that’s currently happening…releasing methane all over the place might not be a good idea.

Not only is Fracking bad for the atmosphere, but it is highly destructive to local communities in terms of contaminating nearby well water, causing earthquakes, and is a ridiculous waste of water. It apparently takes 2-4 million gallons of water per well, according to the following EPA REPORT (PDF). (I recently corrected this figure, because a reader stated their concern over the accuracy of the source).

Read more facts on this creatively done website: The Dangers of Fracking


Apparently the Pagan Community in Britain has been a buzz with organized activity against Fracking. Some of the most prominent voices are Phillip Carr-Gomm, a leader in the Druid Community, and Starhawk a prolific author on books about Goddess and Earth Based spirituality. You can see Phillip speak out in the video below.





On September 28th there will be a large anti-fracking ritual called “The Warrior’s Call” to protect a location called Albion from fracking. Apparently 1300 people will be attending! People around the world who can’t show up will also host their own rituals to give support.


The Pagan Anti-Fracking Movement. 

The Pagan Anti-Fracking Movement in Historical Context

Albion Anti-Fracking Movement  (OBOD)

Sign up for a Frack Free U.K. Greenpeace 

Don’t Frack New York


Phillip Carr-Gomm



The Warrior’s Call

Varg’s Arrest in France and “Terrorist” Allegations



Varg’s personal account of events

Update: 7-19-13: Varg Released From Jail. No substantial evidence for terrorist plot. Charged for inciting racial hatred. 

Today I’ve noticed a lot of people coming to my blog, looking for details on the story about Varg’s arrest in France – so let me indulge you. Varg was recently arrested at his farm in Corrèze France after his wife bought four rifles. The authorities claim that he was planning a “large scale act of terror.” The origin of this investigation, according to the DCRI, was that Varg was one of the 530 people to receive a manifesto from Anders Behring Breivik, the man who committed two attacks in Norway that left 77 dead. However, Varg has publicly condemned the actions of Breivik.

The details of Varg’s condemnation of Breivik can be found at Metal Sucks.

The original story about the arrest can be found at the following French News Source.

About Varg’s Past…


Varg Vikernes (for the few of you who don’t know) is the mind behind the one man black metal project Burzum. He was arrested in the 90’s for the murder of Mayhem’s guitarist Øystein ‘Euronymous’ Aarseth as well as the arson of at least three Christian Churches. In 1994 he was arrested for these charges and sentenced to 21 years in prison. He was released after serving 15 years of his sentence on parole in 2009. Afterwards, he settled in France with his wife and children on a farm.

During his time in prison he became heavily involved in the Heathen Front and the promotion of what he calls Odalism and Volkish ideas on European Ancestry. After prison he continued his involvement in these activities. He has produced a vast trove of writing, books, music and even a Role Playing Game.

Did he deserve to be arrested this time? 

Honestly, much of the details of his recent arrest are very unclear. I think it would be quite bogus if he were arrested simply for the purchase of four rifles and a past correspondence with Breivik – a man he has denounced. As one commenter said on Metal Sucks, “buying four rifles on a farm in America is baby’s first birthday.” Yet, there could be a vast number of circumstances in this case that we have no idea about.

However, given the nature of France’s laws on Hate Speech, it is actually surprising that he hasn’t been arrested already. In France certain types of hate speech can get you landed in prison or require you to pay a fine. For example, according to the Gayssot Act, one can go to jail for five years or pay a fine for denying the existence of the Holocaust.

Given the nature of Varg’s writings – many of which happen to be Anti-Semitic, it is probably not wise for him to live in France.

A word about Hate Speech Laws…

While this blog is firmly against ideas of racism, sexism or targeting specific groups for hate in general (see my Paganism and Racism post), I do firmly believe in the Freedom of Speech. Here in the United States, Hate Groups have the freedom to express their views openly. Yet even with the freedom to promote their ideals – such hate groups are still a minority that have little influence on the public mainstream.

It is important for us to be able to discuss views we disagree with openly so that we can find their flaws and devise the best possible system for all peoples. Throwing people in prison for hate speech won’t make them less hateful, if anything, it will add flames to their fire. It will create a martyr complex or cause a situation where certain groups will resort to large acts of violence to make themselves heard.

Rise of the “Terrorist” State

Criminalizing hate speech is criminalizing thought. One of the key dangers in this policy is that it is becoming easier for governments to arrest people on grounds of terrorism, especially if this particular individual happens to own weapons and disagree with the government’s point of view.

Some really retarded arrests have been made recently in light of terrorism fears: such as the 19 year old boy who was given a felony and ten years for writing a sarcastic Facebook comment. Yes, this is a rare case, but definitely a negative portent of what is to come.

Fears of Terrorism are also causing the United States government to gain massive surveillance rights into our private lives in order to “protect us” from terrorism: i.e. the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping of millions and PRISM’s backdoor access into our electronic communications. I could go on with this topic for a while.

But let’s get this conversation back to Varg! The news story says that he was arrested for planning a “terrorist plot.” All we know is that he bought four guns, had past contact from Breivik and happens to do a lot of anti-semitc writings. Could it be possible that he was involved in something sinister we don’t know about? Maybe. But right now, from a media standpoint, that is speculation until further facts on the case are revealed.

Paganism Apparently on the Rise in Britain


A Slide Show and More Details Included in Article

[Fun Note: One of the people in the slides is someone I’ve met in person at a local Druid Seed Group. Small world]

This article in the Examiner discusses the rise of Paganism in Britain.

However, as Pagans, we must be careful not to be sensationalists.

I did a previous article about the rapid rise of Paganism HERE.

The problem with the Examiner’s article is that they don’t actually link to a poll with real statistics and numbers. Their “poll” link just goes to a series of Examiner’s British articles.

They say that 38% of British people don’t believe in a Christian God, but that doesn’t automatically lump these British folk into Paganism. That’s like saying all people who don’t like Vanilla Ice Cream automatically love Chocolate – a gross over simplification of the facts. Many of these Non-Christians could be Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists or Muslims. As Pagans, we are definitely a rapidly growing demographic, but our numbers are still quite small for now.

Also, it is a well discussed fact that the number of Pagans has doubled in many polls since the 90’s. Yet part of this recorded growth simply be because more Pagans are coming out of the broom closet so to speak. The internet has also played a liberating factor here. Before the internet, many Pagans practiced alone and generally didn’t discuss their practice with those in their community – if they couldn’t find an appropriate coven/group. Yet the internet has drastically amped up Pagans’ abilities to meet those with similar beliefs in their area.

We can recognize that there have been gradual changes in society that reflect our growing numbers: such as the increase in workplace rights for British Pagans, a recognition that students and workers should be allowed to take off on Pagan Holidays and symbols like the Norse Hammer and the Wiccan Pentacle have been accepted as symbols of faith in the U.S Airforce. The growth of our numbers and acceptance in society makes my heart swell. But let’s be careful to depict the facts of the matter accurately please.

Is Paganism the Fastest Growing Religion in the United States?


Picture Source Fuck Yeah Paganism (Great site title too!)


Don’t bust out the mead yet! Pagans are still a very small minority in comparison to both U.S Religions and World Religions at large. If you read the 2008 “United States Census Bureau Abstract on Self Identified Religious Populations”, the number of Pagans and Wiccans combined still only results to 0.3% of the population (which means that 3 out of every 1,000 people you meet will be Pagan). However, that number doesn’t account for people who classify as spiritualists, Unitarian Universalists or non-classified.

I do often bump into people at Pagan meets or New Age shops who do not like to call themselves “Pagans,” but rather “Animists,” “Druids,” “Asatruar,” “Heathens,” “Shamans,” etc. The war over what gets lumped into the pagan category and what doesn’t wages on, but I bet many of these folk filled in the “non-classified” space rather than “pagan” on their Census Bureau survey. Personally I prefer to think of Paganism as a system that seeks to revive an ancient system of Earth Based Values – but not everyone shares my definition.

The statistical number of Pagans is probably much smaller than the real number. There are definitely more Pagans than what is represented on a survey. Pagans are still a persecuted minority in many ways, so a lot of us tend to be private about our beliefs to the point where we wouldn’t even write it down. Also, the 0.3% number is from 2008. There has obviously been growth in 5 years time, so the current number could be anything from .5 – 2%.

But don’t despair, there is good news! Even though the numbers are small, Paganism and Wicca are still growing at an incredibly fast rate.

 Between 1990 and 2000, the number of Wiccans in the United States increased from 8,000 to 134,000 according to the United States Census Bureau. That’s an increase of 1600%! Between 2001 and 2008, the number of Pagans over all (Wiccans included) doubled, so that’s a growth rate of 200%. That’s an increase greater than almost anything seen among the other religions! The number of Christians overall, in comparison, only experienced an 8% growth rate between 2001 and 2008, which is actually a decrease when you account for population growth.

However, one must note that the number of Evangelicals doubled between 2001 and 2008. The number of conservative Christians such as Mormons and Baptists have also increased while the number of Liberal Christians such as Presbyterians and Lutherans have decreased. Therefore Christianity is shrinking, but it’s also radicalizing in the process.



Picture Source

Population of Non-Abrahamic Religious People in U.S. in 2008 (U.S. Census Bureau)

Native American Spirituality: 186,000

Non-Wiccan Pagans: 340,000

Wiccans: 342,000

Non-Pagan Spiritualists: 426,000

Hindu: 582,000

Buddhist: 1,189,000

Unclassified: 1,030,000


There are a number of possible factors

  • Increased Tolerance in society for diverse religious beliefs. As a result, more Pagans are coming out of the broom closet.
  • The Internet: Possibly one of the greatest catalysts of social change to happen in the 90’s and 2000’s. Before the internet, many people chose their faith by the community they lived in. If you were a Pagan in a pre-internet world, it was probably very difficult to find others with similar beliefs unless you met them at a New Age shop or had an acquaintance who happened to be in the occult. In the same way that drugs and rock and roll music sparked a social revolution in the 1960’s, the internet is opening up new gateways for social thought and experimentation.
  • A Growing Discontent with Christianity: Generation Y is much more comfortable with homosexuality and women’s rights than their parents were. As a result, a religious book that promotes the stoning of homosexuals – or the silence of women in a place of worship – is becoming increasingly antithetical to the morals of today’s more progressive youth. Many of these young people still thirst for a spiritual connection, but are no longer willing to attain it from the Church.
  • The Desire to Reconnect With a Feminine Force of Power: For the last 2,000 years, Christian Patriarchy has robbed the world of Feminine Power. Is it any wonder that more slavery, wars, holocausts and environmental destruction have happened in this time period than any other? I’m not saying that the Pagan Past was a bed of flower power and hippies, it was definitely brutal and bloody, but that society has increasingly become unbalanced as the Goddess has been circumcised out of the religious equation. Even patriarchal empires like Ancient Rome and Greece understood the need for a Female Deity.
  • A Desire to Reconnect With the Earth: In a world that is becoming more material and corporate, there is a yearning for something authentic and organic. This explains the growing popularity of Farmers Markets, green movements and the growth of vegetables on roof tops in Urban Centers. If we are to save the Earth, we must fall in love with the Earth. We must have a spiritual relationship with the Earth. The Earth cannot simply be an abstract ideal – it must be as an actual family member that we keep in our thoughts and wishes.



The number of Pagans is indeed growing very fast, but we are still a very small and misunderstood minority. If you would like there to be more Pagans in the world or less misunderstandings, you should come out of the broom closet and be more open about who you are – and what you belief – unless you live in a town where you could get beat up or killed for your beliefs…then that might not be such a good idea. But I also encourage you to blog, make music, make art, write stories and spread your ideas so that the Pagan community may continue to grow and evolve.

Hammer of Thor Now Accepted Symbol of Faith in U.S Air Force!


Congratulations Heathens and Asatruars!

The Hammer of Thor (also known as Mjölnir) has been added to the list of approved Air Force Symbols for memorials, headstones and graves.

The last Pagan Symbol to gain approval was the Wiccan Pentagram (which got approved six years ago).

In the same way that the hammer brings Heathens and Asatruars closer to their Gods, let this latest development bring Pagan Folk closer to the freedom they need to live by their principles without constraint.

Read More Here 

You Metal – The Metal YouTube


I just discovered today that there is a YouTube type video streaming site that ONLY plays Metal

It’s called “You Metal”

Check it Out 

Pagans and Vegans in U.K. Gain Workplace Rights


Full Story

Workplace rights mean being able to practice your religion at work.

Examples: A christian wearing a cross and taking off for religious holidays.

A Sikh being allowed to wear a turban, grow a beard and have long hair.

A Muslim having time to pray 5 times a day.

Pagans should also be allowed to wear religious insignia and take off for holy days.

Such rights are starting to take off in the U.K.

Paganfest Tour Dates Updated


BANDS: Ensiferum, Tyr, Heidevolk, Trollfest, Helsott,


3/30 – Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
4/01 – Tempe, AZ @ 910 Live
4/02 – West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
4/03 – San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge
4/04 – Reno, NV @ The Alley
4/05 – Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
4/06 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
4/07 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre
4/09 – Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room
4/10 – Regina, SK @ The Exchange
4/11 – Winnipeg, MB @ Zoo Cabaret
4/12 – Saint Paul, MN @ Station 4
4/13 – Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s
4/14 – Columbus, OH @ Al Rosa Villa
4/15 – Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage
4/16 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Note
4/17 – Toronto, ON @ Opera House
4/18 – Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
4/19 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance Theater
4/20 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium (NE Metalfest)
4/21 – New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre

Paganfest America Facebook

The Case is Laid to Rest: Randy Blythe of LOB is a Free Man!


Yesterday, the Randy Blythe murder case in the Czech Republic was laid to rest. Randy Blythe (Lamb of God Vocalist) rose like steam from the ashes of the wake. He was declared innocent. He was facing 10 years in a Czech prison for the manslaughter of Daniel Nosek, a fan who died from injuries sustained at the band’s May 10th concert in Prague.

Daniel had made three attempts to climb onto the stage during the show – not one, not two, but three times! During one of these attempts Daniel allegdly got a push from Randy and a security guard. During the third attempt, a security guard pulled him back onto the ground. Daniel ended up dying in the hospital from his head injuries. When Randy sang “Now you’ve got something to die for,” I don’t think he meant stage diving.


Randy was completely unaware of Daniel’s death until the authorities took him into custody when he returned to the Czech Republic in 2012 to play another show. He was placed in jail for a month and his bail was set at 400,000. Eventually he was released to finish the Lamb of God tour, but he had to return to the Czech Republic after the tour for a trial. This last year for Randy has been a walk through hell. He was like a ghost walking…ever notice how a lot of LOB songs have to do with walking?

Anyways, March 5th was the “11th hour” of the whole ordeal so to speak and Randy was declared innocent. The following is his testimony:

“I still believe that I have acted reasonably to protect” myself, the band, and the audience, Blythe said. “If I am guilty, I will take it like a man. If I am released, [Lamb of God] will take such precautions” to ensure similar events never happen at concerts.

Metal shows are a violent business. At one of my first death metal shows, I was punched in the face as a free fist flew from the mosh pit. I’m a 95 pound female who has been slammed into by 200 pound guys. When I stand near the front of the stage or by the Mosh Pit, I know that I’m like a dwarf star about to be sucked into a black hole of fists, sweaty dudes and headbanging. If I want to avoid said violence, I can stand in the back or at the sidelines – and I certainly wouldn’t jump on stage in the middle of it all if I wanted to be safe (let alone a third time after being pushed off the second time).

Of course my sympathies go out to Daniel and his family. No one expects to die or lose a loved one to a metal show. Yet I will remark that a metal show related death is an incredibly rare event – which is amazing given the violent nature of the shows and the rowdiness of the crowd. More people die from eating cheeseburgers.

Most of the time when I witness someone fall in the mosh pit, there are other metal fans who step in the breach to pick up their fallen comrade. When I’ve been slammed into by heavy dudes for standing by the front of the stage, complete strangers have stood in the way to protect me even if I tell them it’s unnecessary. The metal community typically protect their own.

Security measures are always a good thing. But I wouldn’t take away the moshing or stage diving at metal shows for anything in the world. Do I want to stand around at a Slayer concert and give a polite clap as if I’m playing a game of cricket with the queen of England? Fuck no! This is metal bitches! As fans we understand that there are risks. I would sooner dilute a blue label scotch than water down the world’s best genre of music. People will come and go. But the Metal lives forever.


Varg (of Burzum) And His Wife Marie Cachet Are Making a Film

Varg Vikernes goes on a  reverse journey through time and thought to a prehistoric era (about 30 000BC), up to a previous life when he was a little boy. He lives again in this little boy and understands the meaning of essential European rituals of that prehistoric time, that still may have a major influence on modern habits.

A primary idea of this film is that the ancient Neanderthal religion and philosophy (especially that of the Bear Cult) have a central but invisible role in European culture and religion. Marie Cachet believes that this ancient Bear cult offers an explanation for cave paintings, mythology, fairy tales and Yule.

The English Translation for the trailer can be found HERE. It is a literal translation of the Voluspa from the book of Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandanavia by Varg Vikernes.

The film will be available on Amazon in March 2013.

You can read Marie Cachet’s Atala Blog  for more information about the film as well as her ideas.

Happy Sixth Anniversary to Eliwagar, Norse Romantic Paganfolk Music


“Above the northern wind and the raging sea, far away in the north,

stands a mighty land in between the fjords and the mountains,

where the wise spirit of the nordic ancestors

still are dancing with the northern lights and the midnight sun…


In an old farm laying in this ancient northern land – Norway –

lives Brenda “Runahild” Dahl,

playing and singing in honour of the ancient mighty nature and the folktales,

hailing to her forefathers and foremothers with her songs

that shall resound and ride with the wind

from the deep valleys to the eternal hyperborean sky…


So that the ancestral northern heritage shall forever live…”

[Text Above from Eliwagar Site]

Check out the Official Eliwagar Site

Need a New Year’s Resolution? Eat Less Meat


Need a New Years Resolution? Wanna do something simple that can help the environment and reduce general suffering in the world?

Eat less meat.

According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, 18% of Green House Gases are attributed to raising animals as food (New York Times). When you think about it, this makes sense. Vast amounts of land are cleared of trees for animal containment. These animals in turn will eat much of the food on the land and fart it out in the form of Carbon Dioxide (it’s crude but true!).

You don’t have to go 100% cold turkey into the Vegetarian Lifestyle to make a difference (or I guess I should say no turkey).

Even committing to eating less meat in your day to day life can help.

One simple thing you can do is to start having a Meatless Monday (or a Tofu Tuesday if you prefer).

Or you can commit to buying your meat from more local based, small farms at the Farmer’s Market.

Most Americans eat too much meat anyways – consuming an average of 200 pounds a year. That’s about 67 Telephone books!

Most sources say that you only need to eat 5-6 ounces of protein a day (that’s about the size of a deck of cards). Yet the average American eats twice that amount (Huffington Post). The ideal diet is composed of high amounts of fruits, veggies, whole grains and a small amount of lean meats (with a focus more on poultry and eggs than red meat). Reducing your consumption of meat (red meat in particular) can increase your lifespan, reduce your weight and improve your overall health.

You are what you eat. Would you rather be a pig or a lean bean?




Modern Day Mayans Not Worried About Apocalypse


If you truly are worried about the Apocalypse let me give you some advice on what you can do. Collect all your valuables together: your gold, cash, ipods, etc. Then bring said valuables to my house and deposit. You won’t need such items in the coming Apocalypse, right?

I kid, I kid. People around the country are getting their panties in a triple knot because today marks the end of the Mayan Calendar. That must mean the end of the world, right? No! When the calendar on your fridge comes to an end, does that mean the world is over? Or does that mean it’s time to get a new calendar.

The fact of the matter is most of the Mayans alive today, in modern day Guatemala, are not panicking in the slightest over the so called “apocalypse.” For many Mayans, this is actually a time of rebirth. When better things will come in the following year. Check out the link below to a great video about modern day Mayans.

No panic in Guatemala over ‘Mayan Apocalypse’ – Americas – Al Jazeera English.

RIP Ravi Shankar: The Lauded Godfather of World Music


Yes, you are correct, that is Ravi Shankar teaching George Harrison of the Beatles how to play sitar.

The long and eventful life of a music legend ended yesterday when Ravi Shankar died at the ripe old age of 92 with his wife and daughter at his side. This man was the lauded godfather of world music. He has also been described as the most contemporary known Indian musician. Ravi’s career took off after he started mingling with the Beatles and soon inspired the “Raga Rock” fever in the west. He found himself playing shows with some of the most famous musicians of the era – including the opening day of Woodstock.

In the 60’s, music (and maybe just maybe a few drugs), worked the magic of opening the mind to a broader state of reality. The inclusion of sitar into western rock music symbolized an increased awareness to Eastern spirituality and ideas. I’m not saying that everyone who rocked out to raga rock instantly understood India. I’m sure there were lots of people who appreciated a good sitar lick who didn’t know the difference between Delhi and a sandwich shop. Yet at a deeper level, began an awakening of a sort of cultural consciousness between East and West.

Music has a power beyond words. Feel the magic of the sitar as you listen to the songs below:





Heidevolk Will Be Pillaging American Shores in 2013


There aren’t many clear cut details at this moment about location and dates.

But for more information you can check out the official Paganfest America Facebook.

Two Major Grocery Stores Ditch Factory Farmed Meat

Are you a vegetarian?

Or do you try to buy local because you don’t like subsidizing the torture of animals?

Do people tell you your choices are useless, because you’re only one person?

And one person can’t make a difference?

Well, guess what?

Two major grocery stores in Australia now refuse to sell factory farmed meat.

Consumer choices are beginning to effect industry.

The battle isn’t won.

But this is a step in the right direction.

Read the article for more information.