Death Metal

Unleashed – Black Horizon

“I raise my hammer in honor, of those who will never come home. I swear an oath to their fathers. I will carve their names in stone.”

Origin Country: Sweden

Genre: Death Metal

Theme: Darkness, Norse Mythology, Metal

Need to go on a metal vacation? Can’t afford the 70,000 tons of metal cruise? (Or 70,000 tons of sex as some call it – hehehe). Get out your long ship, pillage some monasteries and use the loot to pay for a metal cruise next year. This song will give you an idea of what you can expect on your low cost – viking vacation. Lyrics posted below:

Towards a black horizon
Our brothers are avenged, the battle is won
The longships set sail in the night
On raging sea, with stars as guide
Thoughts of those we could not save,
The wounds i received and blows i gave
The darkness before my eyes
The Freezong wind that chills my spine

Black Horizon….
Towards a black horizon

The waves that clashes to the side
The hunger and pain i must survive
Still i can feel the smell
Of my enemies blood and hear their cries for help
A glance from an axe blade shines
As memory of those i slayed this time
Long is our voyage at sea
To Birka shores, to the land of the free

Black Horizon….
Towards a black horizon

Thor, give me the strength
Like so many times before
Thor, give me the power
To bring us home to Birka shores
I raise my hammer in honour
Of those who will never come home
I swear an oath to their fathers
I will carve their names in stone

Black Horizon….
Towards a black horizon
Black Horizon….
Towards a black horizon

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Behemoth Frontman Could Face Two Years in Jail Over Bible Tearing Stunt

Nergal, the frontman of the Polish Death Metal band Behemoth may face two years of jail time for tearing the pages of a bible on stage.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who goes to a Behemoth show knows what to expect. I don’t think anyone goes to one of these shows expecting Kumbaya and a bible study. What do they think this is? Bingo night at the Old Folk’s Home? This is mother fucking Behemoth people! Grow up and grow a pair while you’re at it! So someone doesn’t like your religion? Fact of life: there are going to be people out there who insult the things you like! Gasp!

Someone can get on stage, rip up my picture, spit on images of my family and friends and I might get mad. But I would never in this lifetime press for that person to be jailed because they hurt my feelings.

If you have to jail anyone who disagrees with your system to keep it from collapsing – it probably isn’t a very good system to begin with.

More on the story here





Daylight Dies – Cathedral


Genre: Melodic Doom Death Metal

Lyrical Themes: Death and Depression

Location: United States, North Carolina

As the days get shorter and the light dimmer, the eerie and melancholy sound of Daylight Dies is appropriate. It reminds me of the cooling days, the crisp fall air and the crunch of browning leaves beneath my feet. To every time there is a season. This is the season of life’s decay – a necessary decay that I welcome. The cycle of life and destruction is an inevitable cycle we see in nature, and one we need to embrace in our own lives. What stagnant ideas or qualities of your life do you need to get rid of? Now is the time to destroy that which is rotting, so that new ideas may blossom and grow. Hail the coming darkness. Hail nature’s twilight.

Takatak (Pakistani Death Metal)

Takatak is the name of a spicy Pakistani dish.

One of the first Death Metal bands in Pakistan to become a major commercial success. Hurray for breaking barriers! These guys have a lot of Lamb of God in their sound. The guitarist also does a lot of other neat little creative tricks. Check em out!

Sylosis: Death Metal With a Spiritual Vision

“It’s said the future’s written in the skies
The stars align
Planets collide
Shadows inherit the Earth
Denounce this shallow faith
I have seen through the veil
I espouse this call to arms
Of the Empyreal paradigm”

Not only do they have a great vision, but these guys have incredible talent. The vocalist succeeds in combining clean vocals with high and low growls. Many times when vocalists try to do this it sounds weird, but this guy is a natural!

The guitarist has a great thrash and death style and well placed solos.

Sylosis, you made my day. Like the name of your new album, I’d go to The Edge of The Earth for you!