A Plan B for the World


As humans, we are our own greatest predator.

The world’s population is growing.

80 million people are added each year.

215 million women around the globe have no access to birth control. Anthropologists who live among these women say, “they live in fear of their next pregnancy.”

Resources are shrinking.

Soil erosion, deforestation, and factory farms are turning the world’s grasslands and forests into deserts.

The cost of food world wide tripled in 2007 and 2008.

Water levels are decreasing.

Global warming as well as poor farming methods are depleting levels of water around the globe.

We’re riding of the rails of a crazy train and the conductor is pressing his foot to the accelerator.

With an exploding population

Mounting poverty world wide

Decreases in the available food and water world wide,

Damage to the world that sustains us

The future outlook is not good

We need a plan B for the world!

A Four Part, Plan B for the World

Lester Brown’s Plan B, from his book, World on the Edge

Spirit of the air, ancient one of the east, give me the knowledge, to purify my world

Spirit of the flame, ancient one of the south, give me power over my own body, and my own sexuality 

Spirit of water, ancient one of the west, let your dream flow free, like the torrents of a river

Spirit of the earth, ancient one of north, let me learn from your forests, how to live with your creatures

1. A massive cut in carbon emissions in the air by 2020

We can shift away from burning fossil fuels by tapping the Earth’s wealth of wind, solar, and geothermal energy.

This transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy can be driven primarily by tax restructuring: steadily lowering income taxes to offset this reduction with a rise on Carbon Emission taxes.

2. Stabilize the world’s population to no more than 8 million by 2012

Provide women around the world with the basics of family planning and contraception

3. Eradicate poverty

Provide primary education for ALL boys and girls around the world.

4. The reforestation of forests, soil, aquifers, and fisheries

Recycle water

Ban deforestation

Establish more efficient irrigation systems

Arrest the fall in water tables by raising water productivity

It’s not impossible!

Doing all these things would cost a mere 200 billion, an eighth of the current world military spending.

Manifesto For Social Change

 Ancient Pagan Folks believed that life was interconnected.

Many of the problems if the Modern World must be dealt with together, not separately.

The forest itself is an interconnected force that thrives on life and death.

We are moving into a world where our perverse methods of destruction are destroying/polluting the resources we currently have.  What is needed?






POPULATION CONTROL: There are too many damn people on the planet. At the end of this year there will be 7 billion people. How many more people can this planet and its resources tolerate?

If we don’t make birth control more available, the population will sort itself out through uglier methods: War, plague and famine. It would be a much better option to provide access to birth control for the people who need it most. The population is declining in first world countries, but exploding in the third world. Many of these third world women don’t even want to have all the children they’re being forced to have.

Spreading tolerance towards Gay Marriage will also help limit the population. Since Gay couples obviously adopt babies instead of making them.

It would be a far better thing to have a multitude of resources distributed to the few, rather than the many fighting over few resources. However, the latter arrangement benefits the wealthy .01 percent that owns a majority of wealth on the planet. The more people there are, the lower their worth, the more expendable they are, and thus – easier to use for war profiteering and factory labor. We can’t go along with this!

Also, with the growth of automated labor, there will be less of a need for humans to do certain jobs.

A Picture of Chinese Hakka Houses (Self Sustaining Communities)

THE DEVELOPMENT OF SELF-SUSTAINING COMMUNITIES: We need to cut ourselves off from the leash of corporate dependence. Throughout most human history, small self-sustaining communities were responsible for making their own food, clothes, weapons, entertainment, burying their own dead, and for worshiping their own Gods, tied to the land. People derived a sense of identity based on where they were from and the community they were a part of. Tradition and customs were tied to the landscape. Rituals, weddings, coming of age ceremonies were tied to the changing of the seasons, the waning and waxing of the year.

Now we make almost nothing for ourselves. We are much like the cattle we eat. Our corporate masters keep us fat, helpless,pumped full of hormones and preserves. Our sole function in life is to make more money so we can consume. Consume is the mantra by which we live. The synthetic values by which we live command us to work meaningless jobs so we can earn enough paper (of imaginary worth) so that we can fulfill our dreams of consuming the most things.

We need to go back to buying local food, clothing, etc. We need to go back to producing these things for ourselves. I’m not suggesting that we throw away all technology and live in Pre-industrial societies. I’m suggesting that we use the technology that we have to make our lives and society more efficient. Eating food that has been driven hundreds of miles from a factory farm in the mid-west is highly inefficient, and would probably be super expensive if it weren’t for government subsidies. Not to mention that the transportation needed causes a large carbon footprint. With the technology we have today, we could see things like solar and wind power the electric grid for an entire community.

A strong local economy would provide more jobs, a greater feeling of meaning in life (the work you do contributes to your community), it would be better for the environment, and would allow people to provide services for one another – instead of relying on the government or corporations to do it for them. People would also be able to contribute their skills and worth to where it counts, rather than working a dead end job for minimum wage.

With many home foreclosures and towns going bust in the United States, this provides an opportunity for land and housing to bought for the development of eco-friendly, self sustaining communities.

Check em out here.


Yet we are not powerless…. This is only something that the corporations want us to believe. The media is a multi billion dollar machine designed to make us feel worthless. A majority of news stations on television are owned by six corporations.

Yet we are the ones who feed the corporations! It is our blood and sweat upon which they survive. They depend on US to buy their goods. After all, in the United States, we are the world’s top consumers. Sure, there would be others available to buy their goods. But if a large group decided to ban together and sanction a particular corporation – that corporation would lose their competitive edge.

We the people out number the 1 percent. It takes five fingers to make a fist. If we can unite our efforts together, we can kick major ass. Many people have already realized that the corporate structure of America is not good for its people, or for life on the planet in general. Yet we continue to feed the beast that destroys us. The Occupy Wallstreet movement is a start. Yet we need more. The occupy movement can be controlled by police brutality and threats of imprisonment. Yet there is less control over what we can and cannot purchase.

When there is a country that threatens the safety of other countries around the world, what do we do? We impose economic sanctions until they comply with our will. The 1 percent and tax evading corporations that control a majority of American Wealth are now threatening our livelihoods more than ever. So what do we do? We impose sanctions.

Not all corporations are bad. In fact, there are many good corporations out there that pay their taxes and give people jobs. Yet there are also many bad corporations that sponge off of American resources (roads, educated workers, protection via police, etc.) and yet these corporations refuse to pay taxes themselves. These corrupt corporations also send jobs over seas and bankrupt entire towns that depended upon a particular factory for their living.

We need to determine which corporations are doing the most damage and make a plan to not purchase their goods. We need to unite people together in agreement to impose corporate sanctions. Such groups of people can also raise funding for those who are sued by corporations for frivolous reasons.

The idea of Employee owned corporations is also a suitable replacement for stock owned corporations.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: The argument over real spirituality versus fake spirituality is as old as humanity itself. This debate became more acute with the introduction of the Abrahamic faiths. Yet real spirituality is the connection to the organic rather than the synthetic. Shifting to a culture that values the organic over the synthetic will be a colossal change. Many will resist this change and hold on to the synthetic system with clenched hands. Yet the synthetic system based on money and consumption will evaporate like grains of dust in the winds of what is to come. People will eventually re-organize their lives around the organic principals our ancestors have revered for a majority of human existence. The old ways will return. Yet the transition will not be easy. Such revolutions in history never are.

Why do I mention spirituality? Because a divine change from within is needed to create a mass change on the outside. You can follow whatever faith you want. I don’t care. You can be an atheist. I don’t care. But what I’m saying is that a connection to the things that truly matter is needed here: a connection to nature and the people around you. The spiritual divine of nature. We must tap into this in order to see the soul sucking destruction of our current system.