Help Out A Refugee Metalhead

How many of you would die for the metal? My friend Azeez is from Iraq. He lived just 50 miles away from where the Islamic State took over. And yet he was openly metal and pagan in a country that would kill him for it.

Eventually he had to flee for his own safety, but in the process he became hospitalized and is now in a terrible situation.

He was one of the biggest followers and promoters of this blog.

Now is the time to help our fallen metal brother. Let us put our forces together to prove that you can’t destroy the metal!!!

His brother needs money to help pay his hospital bills. Every little bit helps. Even if you only have $5. Or maybe you could just share this post. Or maybe you could just post a message of moral support on his GoFundMe page for his family.



(Here he is in the hospital)

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