Hello To My Readers in the Middle East!

On WordPress it gives you the ability to see which countries your readers are from. A majority of my readers usually come from America. Yet today the majority of my readers came from Egypt, then there were also folks popping in from Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE. I even got some followers with names I can neither read nor pronounce. So hello and welcome to my blog! Here’s my favorite song by the American Death Metal band Nile, they write music about Ancient Egypt. Also below, I included some bands from the Middle East that are pretty awesome.


These guys are one of the first bands to be signed on a record label from Tunisia. Here’s an entire album. They are a Progressive Metal band with Middle Eastern Folk metal elements.


I think everyone’s already heard of these guys, they are a popular metal band from Israel. I’ve also posted this song before, but it’s good enough to post twice. I mean come on, there are sword wielding belly dancers! Orphaned Land is cool because they are doing what the politicians are not, bringing peace between Muslims and Jews.


Oh dear, what a stereotypical name for a death metal song with hardcore elements. Well, despite the stupid name, I still thought this song was somewhat interesting. These guys are a death metal band from Pakistan. I bet they listen to a lot of Lamb of God. The beginning of the song was the typical hardcore stuff, but the end was more interesting to me. It rambled on into a direction of creative shredding.

Keep reading the posts and enjoying the blog! Feel free to recommend any metal if you want.

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