Destruction of Library of Alexandria and Hypatia’s Murder

One of the most emblematic moments of Christianity’s destruction of the Ancient World lies in the ruins of Alexandria.

The Library of Alexandria was a crowning jewel of knowledge in the Ancient Pagan world.

It represented a place where multiple ideologies on the Gods, Culture, Knowledge and Science could co-exist on the same shelf.

Hypathia herself is a personification of this destruction. She was a wealthy, well educated woman who was a professor in this academic city. Yet a woman who tried creating her own Astronomical instruments to study the heavens was equivalent to a “witch” to the Christians.

An angry, Christian mob dragged her out of her cart to their church. They stripped her of her clothes and flayed her to death with any object they could find. They ripped apart her body and burned the remains. This is exactly what these people tried to do to the life and blood of the Ancient Pagan World.

While many priceless texts were lost, much of the knowledge of the Ancient World was preserved by Islamic scholars in the Middle East. Eventually this knowledge came back to Europe during the Renaissance and brought Europe out of a dark age.

Now the internet is a new library, a new place where knowledge from all corners of the globe can once again come together and co-exist. The Christians tried in vain to destroy the ancient knowledge and as a result brought an age of darkness and ignorance upon themselves. Yet the Ancient Ways remain and grow stronger everyday. Our ways are thousands of years old, connected to unshakable truths about nature and reality itself.  They will not be destroyed.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post/video!~ I so rarely see some one post on this topic. ❤


    Its freaky too because some of the texts stored there were were books that pertained to original Christianity.
    They came to be known as Gnostic texts. ~ Most of wich burned and painted as "heresy" after.

    To piece together the history of how the "official" Christianity came about paints a bigger picture of corruption and control throughout the centuries.

    Started with Emperor Constantine, who converted after he believed God had ordained him to be the one ruler. (took out the other guys.)

    He made Christianity an official religion of Rome, and slowly ruled out paganism.
    Years later he decided he needed an official canon of the "christian" bible.

    So the council of Nicea ( a bunch of men, with lots of money) chose wich books fit and wich would be destroyed.

    This is the same canonized book used today…

    Its terribly ironic….

    Considering actual story of Yeshua (Jesus).

    The message of selfless dedication, unity and love… was transformed into the very opposite….. power, greed and corruption. (leading to many years of war and murder's such as Hypatia’s or others called "witches"…

    Canonized by the ones who crucified to control the masses, because people would die for this man… it became used as a tool of control.

    made the focus salvation for the impure soul, instead of selfless devotion.

    And that is the same canonized religion grew to what it was that destroyed the library in Alexandria.


    And still controls masses in this day.

    ~ Namaste ❤

    July 20, 2013 at 4:03 am

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