What Does Druidry Mean to Me?



To me, druidry is a spirituality that links the practitioner to the deepest archetypes within. These archetypes aren’t an individual gift. They are part of a wellspring, connected to the ocean of mankind. Within us flows the same current – the same tides – of all humanity. This is why most cultures have the same folk tales and epics. We are all part of an ebbing and flowing Jungian wisdom. Many of us don’t understand this existence and remain mired in our own feelings and depressions. Yet the druid is the boatman, the surfer, he(or she) who can navigate that vast and complex ocean of the spirit.
This ocean itself is connected to nature. We all are seeds that spring up from the wealth and beauty of nature. As a learning druid, I want to further connect myself to the spirit of the world.
Druidry isn’t necessarily a religion. It’s a divine spiritual connection. It is a way of life.

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