Pagan Merch

Disclaimer: I try not to be too commercial on this blog. However, I am posting this information as a service to the arts and craft makers of the Pagan community.

Comment if there is a shop you love that you would like to suggest.

North World International 


An Internet Store for Norse Goods. Has a comprehensive list: Everything from Candles, Shirts, Pens, Drinking Horns, DVDs and Mead.

Kult of Athena 


Mainly a site for those interested in Medieval Weaponry, but also contains clothing and other cultural items of interest.

The Jelling Dragon 


Another Norse Site. Redistributing Norse Culture through craft.

Goddess Gift 


For those interested in the Divine Feminine.

Has a wide variety of Goddess items: African, Aztec, Egyptian, Hindu, Celtic, Norse etc.

Dryad Design


For those interested in connecting to their European heritage.

 Contains Celtic, Norse, Slavic and Sumerian Cultural Items.

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