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Polaroid PDC 4350

Rome, in its day, was a highly successful and advanced empire that lasted for almost 1,000 years. Part of the success of the Roman Empire is that they were largely tolerant of the different beliefs, Gods and systems of those they conquered (not to say that slavery, war, rape, oppression and torture didn’t happen), but that the Roman Empire survived because they didn’t completely annihilate the cultures, beliefs and diversity of their subjects (with Carthage as the exception to the rule of course).

For example, even though the Romans were a polytheistic culture, when they conquered the Hebrews, they allowed the Hebrews to run their own courts and set up their own laws – as long as the Romans were paid a tribute at the end of the day.

The Romans also appropriated the Gods of the people they conquered. Epona is a Gallic Horse…

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