A Warning of the Smiling Killers, the “Nice” Masters


When you imagine the stereotypical dictator, you conjure images of an angry Hitler yelling at his minions. What do you imagine when you think of the typical bad guy? A frowning terrorist who hates freedom? An ugly man in the shadows with a goatee and a weird accent?

What if I were to tell you that the worst enemies of mankind are the happy killers – the nice killers? The well groomed politicians on TV crying over a shooting while they bomb children overseas. The well wishing priests kissing children before they give their blessing to a war that will kill thousands (maybe even millions). Some of the most evil men in this world wear three piece suits or religious robes. Not saying every Politician or Religious Man is evil, but I’m telling you that the most dangerous wolves often wear sheep’s clothing.


They speak of love and tolerance,
and thrive on people’s ignorance
to make you all slaves of fear.

They feed on your anxiety,
to build their gent society,
They kept you down for a thousand years.

They nurture prejudice and hate
condemn the wars that they create
in the name of whatever god.

They gladly sacrifice your lives,
increasing power is their vice,
without regrets, they will spill your blood.

They’re feeding you lies,
with calculated smiles,
Enslavement of the human mind
As long as you kneel to their authority.
Religion is what makes you blind

They’re treating you as mindless fools,
they use you as obedient tools
It’s time to set your spirit free
This world we can not tolerate,
it’s time to seal all preachers fate,
and let them hang from Odin’s tree!

Your minds are restrained
Obedience is the chain
They’ve locked you up and thrown away the key
Your souls are for sale,
And you’re the ones who pay
But still, you’ll never be set free

They’re feeding you lies,
with calculated smiles,
Enslavement of the human mind
As long as you kneel to their authority.
Religion is what makes you blind.



These well groomed, happy faced killers have been using religion and politics for centuries to mold their people into complacent, mild and meek slaves of fear. Those who turn the other cheek will not rise up against tyranny. Some of the worst forms of oppression and holocaust have come at the hands of Christians who believe in “pacifism and peace” – more like the pacifism of the enemy while they let them rest in peace (RIP).

The Mass Media and News continue this tradition today. They try to scare you with stories about constant mass shootings (even though very few people actually died from gun related accidents last year, less than from fist related murders actually). These same people try to use Terrorism to scare you into abdicating your personal freedoms. More United States Citizens die from a lack of health insurance and environmental toxins each year than they do from Terrorism.

Embrace the strength and wisdom of your ancestors. Many Pre-Christian religions venerated strength, will-power and the bold desire to act. Never let your life be manipulated by fear. If you live in fear – you are as good as dead already.

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  1. anders

    An introduction to “the smiling masters”. Thomas Sheridan at thomassheridanarts dot com have some insightful lectures on the subject.

    November 17, 2014 at 3:50 pm

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