Tengger Calvary 长生天铁骑 – (Nomadic Mongolian Folk Metal)

Listen to this band or Genghis Khan will light you on fire.

Tengger Calvary is a one man band hailing from Beijing China. 天然 (Nature), the man behind the band, is heavily influenced by Mongolian Spirituality. “Tengger” is the high lord, father of the sky. This band presents the ideal harmony between elements of modern metal and Chinese and Mongolian folk. In many folk metal bands, the folk instruments can overwhelm the song: as if to say – “hey everyone! We’re folk metal!” rather than writing a comprehensive song.

Yet in Tengger Calvary, Horse head fiddle, Mongolian throat singing and Buddhist bells work together well with modern elements of metal  – such as catchy guitar hooks, molten hot solos and double bass drumming.



Mongolian throat singing is the production of more than one pitch in the chest or throat at the same time. The open landscape of Mongolia allows for sounds to carry a great distance.  Often, singers will travel into the countryside looking for the right river, or will go up to the steppes of the mountainside to create the proper environment for throat-singing. The singing itself is connected to an animistic set of beliefs. Animism is the idea that the objects of nature have their own spiritual power. Throat singing takes this idea a step farther, attempting to mimic the sounds of nature. (More information about Throat Singing)





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    • Yeah, I’ve listened to the first song like 10 times now and it still hasn’t gotten old. I’m gonna buy their album soon.

      January 14, 2013 at 10:37 am

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