Who Says Science Isn’t Spiritual?


Nikola Tesla was one of the twentieth centuries most prolific and ingenious minds. He was an inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, futurist – and had a strange fascination with pigeons.

Some say the more we learn about science, the less spiritual we become. Yet I believe the more we unlock the secrets of the universe – the more we learn just how magical it is.

Think about yourself as a person, here on this Earth. Looking at the Scientific Odds, you’re incredibly blessed to be here! You were one out of a million sperms! Then think about the rare luck that we have life on this planet. Earth was formed in a section of the solar system where water doesn’t normally form. Yet it is theorized that an ice comet – and perhaps even a series of ice comets – hit us at just the right time for water to form.

We are just the right distance from the sun to have a tenable temperature. We have just the right composition of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and Hydrogen in our atmosphere for life to breathe and exist. Life isn’t as simple as a perfect God making a perfect world in 6 days. Science is showing that it is much more rare, exquisite, nuanced and complex. Because the more we know, the more we realize how much we don’t know.

The universe isn’t a composition of perfect circles with perfect spheres. It is a vast and unfathomable depth of expanding space. It isn’t a parallel between goodness and evil. It’s a void of chaos and mystery. Exploding stars. The void of black holes. New systems of light being formed from galactic destruction.

We cannot think of life on a finite level. We must consider this universe at a quantum level. With the smallest particle of mass – there are even smaller particles spinning and dancing within. For every fact you know, consider the endless possibilities of what you don’t know.

The ancient ones considered life to be ever connected. And think of how right they are! When you look up in the sky and bathe in the divine light of the stars, think about how much that divine light shines within yourself – considering that you are made of stars!

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