Food As A Weapon of Control

Why are there so many hungry people in the world? Especially in farming communities (in the developing world)? Can’t these people grow their own food, you may ask?

3rd world farmers must sell everything they grow in order to pay for the expensive farming methods that have been forced upon them by American companies like Monsanto. This is part of a deliberate strategy to supplant local agricultural with an unsustainable system, a system controlled by one company. Take over the food supply and you control the people.

Farming communities (specifically in the Punjab in India) have been devastated by the so called “Green Revolution.” Indian farmers are enticed to buy “miracle crops” that require an insane amount of maintenance to grow: pesticides, herbicides and many other atrocities that will destroy the soil. Once the soil is destroyed, these farmers must pay even more money in order to deal with this – or starve to death.

This is all part of a deliberate system to keep people poor, in debt, and dependent upon a single monocultural system of food. Local crop diversity is replaced with one or two genetically modified crops.

Yet this tactic didn’t work so well for Ireland – when the British forced Irish peasants to grow potatoes as their one and only crop. When a disease started killing the potatoes, millions of Irish people lost their only source of food and 1 million Irish people ended up dying.

This new food revolution we see today has even worse implications, because it requires all sorts of pesticides and herbicides in order to work. Many of the side effects of these chemicals have not even been tested and are completely unknown.

Coincidentally – or not so coincidentally – as the use of these chemicals exploded after world war II, large populations of bats, bees and frogs began dying. Rates of Autism, deadly allergies, and retardation in children are going up and it’s a medical mystery! Sperm counts in males are declining and nobody knows why. Apparently the male chromosome is getting smaller and nobody knows why. Hrmmm…I wonder if putting all sorts of mystery chemicals all over our food and water supply would have some kind of horrific reaction? Something to ponder.

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