Daylight Dies – Cathedral


Genre: Melodic Doom Death Metal

Lyrical Themes: Death and Depression

Location: United States, North Carolina

As the days get shorter and the light dimmer, the eerie and melancholy sound of Daylight Dies is appropriate. It reminds me of the cooling days, the crisp fall air and the crunch of browning leaves beneath my feet. To every time there is a season. This is the season of life’s decay – a necessary decay that I welcome. The cycle of life and destruction is an inevitable cycle we see in nature, and one we need to embrace in our own lives. What stagnant ideas or qualities of your life do you need to get rid of? Now is the time to destroy that which is rotting, so that new ideas may blossom and grow. Hail the coming darkness. Hail nature’s twilight.

One response

  1. diovmorf

    You wrote quite my thoughts, so, very easy to agree.

    That’s the stream of every living organism & entity: everlasting changing, proceeding with little deaths here and there along the way. Every day turns to night, every summer turns to autumn and every life turns to an end. Cold brief relief ahead…

    You have very nice blog, just found it. Keep on updating, good stuff here indeed!

    December 18, 2013 at 8:20 pm

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